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My tumor was on one side of my head so i only have half a head of hair xD. My eyebrow did grow back thoughlol. Just trying to keep it even as posssible 🤣

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In brain or scalp?

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First was outside brain, but under scalp. 3nd was in brain but on outside edge. Have a 3rd tumor that unoperable under my brain.

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Yikes. Has the unresectable one responded to any treatment?

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Havent started treatment yet. Still exploring which radiation technique is going to be best. Either gamme knife or proton thearpy if im a canidate. Nothing chemo can really do.

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Going on my third cancer diagnosis before 30.....ya the finacials is worst than the medicine in my opinion. Social workers are awesome at fginding charities, benevolent benefactors, and all manner of donations. The American Cancer Society is a huge resource. Their are a ton of resources out there. I have never been denied treatment because of outstanding bills. Just worry about getting better and getting the care you need!

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Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm going to do my best to just focus on getting better for now. I'll absolutely be sure to contact the social workers within my healthcare network. I'll research the American Cancer Society too! This is all great information and I can't thank you enough.

It's amazing you've conquered cancer twice already and I have no doubt you'll knock it out again.

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Found some other

And is a database of all sorts of charities. All will get better!


I just recently got diagnosed with a 2nd brain tumor, this being my third cancer diagnosis before reaching 30. That being said im thinking of doing a go fund me page started to get some financial aid question is what do these charity/crowdfunding programs do in the eyes of the IRS as far impacting taxes.

Thank you for your help


Ive had 2 ports. You can pretty much go on as normal once everything heals. I work in a warehouse so heavy lifting all the time

ALL survivor. Finished treatment last year for Ewing. Had a massive tumor in my head. Fastforward to now and had a resurgent tumor removed from near tge same area.....Currently trying to cope with the what to do nexts....wish i had an anwser for you.

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  1. If you're a puker who's forced to drive like I am, a store plastic bag, with a handle looped over each ear, allows you to puke and still watch the road! I recommend double bagging just in case.

  2. A disposable diaper filled with water and stuck in the freezer make the BEST ice packs! They're dry against your skin, don't leak water on bedding, stay cold forever, tabs can be used to fasten to problem areas.....

That's all I got for now!

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Wish i knew about the diaper. Freakin brillant.

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