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I told the story before related to some army threads, but it was 3 years ago i believe when i was still in active service in Switzerland. Im part of a tank crew, that day i was the designated loader for the cannon. We were doing live fire exercises and as we fired, one of the gas-extractor seals blew up. What this is basically is a circular rubber ring around the gas tube of the cannon (if you look up a Leopard A2 tank, its the thicc tube at the base of the cannon) that acts as a seal to prevent smoke backlash into the crew compartment, and instead vents it outside. This entailed the sealed crew compartment to fill up with smoke and the acrid smell of cordite and essentially blind us all.

So here i am, a 25kg High-EX shell in my arms that you dont want to drop on the floor, blinded and winded by smoke, thinking "Well, this is how i die apparently". Managed to fumble around, slot the shell back into the carry tray as well as engage the co-ax machine gun fan (its mounted under the machine gun ejection port, and pulls the smoke outwards when turned on) and open the top hatch to let it cycle out.

Fun times...

Edit-It was a high ex shell, not an AP. The AP shells are 20kg

electricp0ww0w 14 points

1 - Cordite smells beautiful. It's up there with petrol and tar. 2 - Would it actually go off if you drop it? Surely as long as the primer doesnt get struck, nothing will happen?

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I've chatted with guys, usually acquaintances at a party/bar/get together, who get angry and offended if they find out I'm not single or not looking to go home with them.

Even if it's basic small talk or we're chatting as a part of group and there's zero flirting involved, you're treated like you're intentionally leading them on or wasting their time when all you did was talk about work or the weather. Hey, you asked if I was interested and I immediately set the story straight

electricp0ww0w -32 points

What's worse is the girl who has to drop in straight away that she's not single, all because you were striking up some casual conversation. A girl did this to me at work a few weeks ago, and I was thinking, "what the fuck, I was literally saying hello".

srhlzbth731 40 points

This "women telling you their not single when you hold the door in the elevator" thing being made into a joke isn't actually that funny, and it's definitely not a "worse" experience. Women do that because we've all had experiences where men yell at us, villainize us, and slut shame us for having the audacity to have a conversation with them without notifying them we're taken.

It's frustrating, demeaning, and unfair that we have to be so cautious and explain our "intentions" so quickly, but it's not because we have an ego, it's that we've all had nasty prior experiences.

electricp0ww0w -33 points

I think it's narrow minded to assume all people are the same because of (likely only a few) bad experiances. I could understand if every guy you met had his hand on his groin expecting you to touch it, but it wont be like that in the slightest.

All it does is make me feel bad, because I was trying to engage her in some work related conversation, and she automatically assumed I was trying to rip her clothes off. It was disrespectful towards me to assume that my politness means that, and it also reeks of having a huge ego where you think every guy wants to bang you. Basic respectful behaviour goes both ways, but I get that this thread is a manbashing thread so i don't expect to get anywhere further with this point.

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