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arctictundra466 3 points

You should have purchased at Christmas time dude. It was on sale then. Don’t think there will Be a sale for a while now.

electricp0ww0w 1 point

Idk why you're gettin downvoted, thanks for trying to help :)

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/Warthunder
electricp0ww0w 2 points

I've no idea with that noise, vibration, rattling and something hurtling down at you at 400mph, how you could even begin to think about hitting anything with the guns.

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/space
AleAssociate 189 points

Would suck to be the guy that designed the release mechanism.

electricp0ww0w 2 points

"Do not worry Dimitri, I have TOTALLY fixed in this time" Goes back to playing frogger

electricp0ww0w 2 points

I love pictures like this. It makes other planets feel more "real" than just pictures of them in a textbook from miles away.

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/todayilearned
TayPace 311 points

After watching the video I am TOTALLY on the cops’ side.

They spoke to the guy cordially. Told him that he looked like a suspect/person of interest. Even identified the person that he beared a resemblance to.

Instead of proving he wasn’t the wanted person per the officer’s request, the ‘race relations advisor’ refused to identify himself, refused to cooperate in just about any form, and frankly had a much louder and more aggressive tone than the officers. This is despite the officers being calm in the beginning and warning him that they would have to arrest him if he kept refusing to cooperate.

Being a cop is almost an impossible job. If this guy WAS the bad guy they were looking for, he probably would have acted EXACTLY like this guy did. That’s how uncooperative and appalling his behavior was.

People like this (regardless of their race) are what make being a cop so impossible.

electricp0ww0w 14 points

Let's not forget the Police officer was then charged for assaulting him, and the guy was charged but all these charges were dropped two days later.

I cant find any outcome of the case against the officer, which probably means it was dropped too, because the media only report about cops being racist.

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/WorldOfWarships
electricp0ww0w 1 point

I agree. It's just pathetic the amount of 18km poking that goes on now.

On a side note, I decided to give the chinese line a crack. At tier 2, I had the most fun out of this game in months.

Everyone just crashes into the middle and its complete chaos. The low repair cost and short range guns mean nobody really gives a damn and just charges in. Great fun. Tier 2 is the new tier 8.

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/Darts
Scothead180 2 points

Well drink a couple pints of beer, wait a little and you'll know.

Most of the darts players drink before/during a match, which is a known fact. Anyway they have enough breaks usually to go to the toilet so no problem there.

electricp0ww0w 1 point

Are you sure?

I'm sure one of the PDC rules is that alcohol is banned for participants during matches.

iguanicus-rex 5 points

"Mein Gott, Hans! Our glorious Tiger Tank viz itz 88 mm gun and glorious German Engineering iz being mocked in an online game!"

"Nein! It cannot be true! How could ze objectively best tank of World War 2 Ze War of Allied Aggression be sullied viz KDR's of less than 30.5:1?"

"I do not know! Achtung! Ve must post angry comments and recite ze Historikally-Akkurat "Death Traps" book until ze KDR improves!"

electricp0ww0w -4 points

Wow. Someone got seriously triggered.

iguanicus-rex 3 points

is shat on and treated with absolute contempt by gj.

Gonna go out on a limb and say you found Gaijin's handling of the Tiger....Triggering.

Might even go so far as to say you were expecting r/WarThunder to be....a safe space gasp

electricp0ww0w -4 points

Nah, i know this subreddit is a hole.

electricp0ww0w commented on a post in r/Darts
RabidFuzzle76 2 points

Total beginner and first I'm hearing of this. How does it work?

electricp0ww0w 3 points

OP sets a challenge (one hard, one medium, one easy). Upload a photo or video when you have completed it and you get points depending on the difficulty, then it goes onto a weekly spreasheet and the challenge changes all the time. Obviously you could be a dick and cheat but it relies on honesty.

WannaSeeMyRhyno 1 point

Is there like a time limit or what? How many tries do you get to get them done?

electricp0ww0w 1 point

As many tries as you want, but it must be posted before the next weeks challenge goes up.

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