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World of tanks I feel has a pretty good system when these kinds of events go on. For players who have the time they can do the missions and at the end they get either the tank or a discount off buying the tank. For people who don't have hours everyday to do missions they can just buy the tank..

I can't imagine what go on in these meetings where they come up with these ideas. It's literally convoluted for the sake of it.

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The WOT requirements to get tanks for free are more obscene than WT.

why has noobdy put this over the top of the music video yet.


Or are they just used as the grind to unlock the item, and stay forever? I dont want to risk spending medals on something i only half want, if i'll have to grind another 15 medals or something again.


No, if you have 3 medals and you buy something that costs 3 medals, you will still have those 3 medals, but the warbonds will be subtracted.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Excellent, thanks, that'll save me a whole lot of time. :)


Just lost an entire team (thats everyone with 3 deaths) to the enemies 9 losses in total because some fucking spong at Gaijin thought it was great fun to allow the north team to cap all 3 points straight away and the south team get spawnraped from 600m out with 0 cover.

Top quality gajin, A++++ would let you design maps again.


I raised this point a while ago and all i got was "hurrr hurrr bullets kill ppl u know planez dont have armorurz".

Good work getting upvotes. I suppose its because people hate gaijin right now for not giving them free IS7's.

This bullshit gets me all the time. You can even get into a spot at B7 which is outside the map, but not outside enough to make you die, but everyone else who comes near you gets told to return to battlefield.

This map needs to be outright deleted.

Does anyone read all those instructions, tasks and whatever and think "what the fuck am i meant to do?"

Fucking hell, they know how to make shit complex.

2 points · 3 days ago

Claim you're Rastafarian and don't consent on religious grounds. They then require a court order to obtain bloods. By then it might've cleared your system... Gaming the system much (don't drug drive people).

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lol good luck with that.

How is this infuriating? Im more infuraited that this has 1800+ upvotes.


LMAO what the actual fuck. So a can do what a 17pdr cant. Ok gaijin.


quick, someone phone LADbible.


Playing with a 4202, firefly and challenger.

I try to play AB, but only the 4202 ever stands a chance. The challenger and firefly are just food. It's expecting me to take down IS6's with that firefly and i cant.

Even the 4202 is poor against something like an IS3 or a tiger 2.

I want to play the 4202 but it isnt fun when im basically allowed to only play 1 in 3 of my tanks.

I then look at the pen of the cent1 and that aint great either.

So is the way the game meant to be played, in that you unlock your new BR, but never use it, and continue to grind another 3 or 4 competitive BR tanks with the previous rank (2), so you're basically grinding nearly half a million RP before you can play?

To be competitive, are we saying i need to farm the 4202, farm the cent 1, then the cent 3 and use the 4202/cent 3 and then farm tortoise after challenger, before I can even consider playing this BR?

That doesnt seem right.


Cant planes fly on one angine anyway? Or is it because it's an old piece of shit and they couldnt do that back then?

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Stealth ammo is the superior choice for literally any plane.

Doesn't matter if a belt has better ammo in it.

Shoot anything with tracers at anything and you miss, your target will immediately start rolling, pitching and generally try not to die.

They don't immediately do that with tracers in almost all cases.

It's a psychological effect.

Provided you don't need tracers to correctly lead targets.

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I use tracers on those joke planes that come with 200 rounds before a 3194 second reload.

That looks more fun than the actual pos game its now become.

hahah that little fuckin moustache.

if you'd not put that on, i would have been fuhrerious.

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