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iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/UpliftingNews
iBleeedorange [M] [score hidden]

To think that people would get upset about free gelato....

Reminder: This subreddit is meant to be a place free of excessive cynicism, negativity and bitterness. Healthy skepticism is fine under certain circumstances, but toxic attitudes are not welcome here.

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/baseball
RyMill4 272 points

I thought Adam Dunn retired. Did he sneak back onto the field somewhere?

iBleeedorange 109 points

He's playing right for the yankees.

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/Syracuse
burritosandblunts 2 points

That's pretty rad. I've actually never been to the city despite living here my whole life... Everything just seems ridiculously expensive and inconvenient from what I've heard.

There are concerts there I'd like to go see though. Maybe it's a viable option for me now.

iBleeedorange 1 point

It's nice, best not to drive though.

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/baseball
retrofade 860 points

Cubs announcers just said that he has a cut above the eye, but he passed the concussion protocol.

iBleeedorange 62 points

That's good news, but concussion symptoms can show up days later, I'm sure they'll be sure to make sure he's okay.

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Direlion -8 points

Never heard of the Great Barrier Reef. Crazy

iBleeedorange 0 points

What's it like being that stupid?

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/pics
hashtag_lives_matter 1 point

"This woman" is easier to say.

iBleeedorange 2 points

And it's a lot more disrespectful too, I don't think it's much to put her name after "this woman"

derawin07 2 points

I think it is in the style of articles these days, they don't tend to use actual names in headlines, possibly like the person below says, to make you click to find out.

iBleeedorange -3 points

This isn't an article, it's a photo in /r/pics, and click bait sucks, the other guy was making a joke about it.

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iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/hearthstone
tacocatz92 2 points

You should tag their name since the front page is flooded by those Ben Brode post, your post may get buried.

Also /u/powerchicken /u/ibleeedorange /u/zedhs and the mod team(can only remember those 3 username and i can't see the mod list on phone) , can we get a megathread or something for people to post their thoughts or art/meme because the frontpage is getting clutter with meme and stuffs :( , it's getting hard to see some post, something like when the dk rexxar issue comes out and you guys made a post about it, even new section is getting flooded with it.

Edit: am i getting downvoted because i reply to op? I was just hijacking the comment since it was one of op newest one at that time, i'm not the person whose comment got removed that op reply to. I was just suggesting op ping the dev name if op want to get their attention since this post ,even now is not at the top(it's nearly in the bottom page) so the dev might miss it if they only browse certain part of the page.

iBleeedorange [M] 2 points

3 e's and maybe, but prob not. I think it's already dying off.

tacocatz92 2 points

Sorry about that, btw how did you see my comment with the wrong spelling in the first place :O ?

i edited it in less than 1 min so i'm sure i didn't get the "edited" mark around the comment.

Anyway i hope they do slow down, thank you.

iBleeedorange 5 points

I see everything

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Kenos300 856 points

This should be the banner for at least a day, perhaps if/when he does an AMA.

iBleeedorange [M] 93 points

It's not the right size, would look terrible.

ayotui 31 points

doesn't matter. Can we have it as an ugly banner for at least a week please?

iBleeedorange [M] 37 points

no, if someone wants to fix it we can talk.

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iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/unintentionalASMR
derkthunder -2 points

Dedicated niche subreddits tend to fail. Just look at r/UnintentionalASMR.

There is nothing to attract an audience and healthy number of new posts considering there's already a ton of people and similar posts here.

iBleeedorange 2 points

I haven't gone to asmr in years. I think this sub is great

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/GooglePixel
cardonator 0 points

It's called a joke, friend.

iBleeedorange 3 points

It's a terrible joke.

cardonator -8 points

You said you have nothing to hide while texting. What if you are changing while texting?

iBleeedorange 8 points


iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/hearthstone
firestar13579 8 points

What size banners do you guys use? I can do some Photoshop work and make it fit, and save you lads the trouble. Anything to spread the word of our lord and savior Brode.

iBleeedorange 7 points


4r7ur_IXI 49 points

Mods can we get this as the subreddit banner

iBleeedorange [M] 14 points

won't fit, not the right size.

iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/hearthstone
GameOfThrownaws 7 points

Blizzard forums have always been horrific too, even long before reddit was a thing. I remember back in like 2009 and shit, the WoW forums were a running joke because literally all you would ever find there was awful players blaming the game for their own absurd shortcomings. This doesn't work, that's too hard, such and such is overpowered, so and so takes too long.

I've seen no shortage of posts on reddit maligning how well all just complain and whine about the game, but we don't hold a damn candle to the official forums. We no take candle.

iBleeedorange 3 points

The only thing they were good for was talking on your specific server

Regvlas 106 points

Rare generally, more rare in gaming.

iBleeedorange 39 points

Yep, just look at the monster hunt video.

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iBleeedorange commented on a post in r/Games
Antidote4Life 42 points

Sorry. It's been years now i believe. Basically the game was on the rise, that guy left and there was no barrier between the subreddit and the devs, so they basically just unloaded their rage in the subreddit any time something went wrong (which was and still is very, very frequent) the devs just went on last week finally after a very long period of time and announced that they have a small team working on the game but are doing what they can and did a brief two hour ama.

The problem is they dont have a community figure to come out and talk about the processes their going through to to kinda take some of the banter from the community and try and twist it into something a bit more fun like Ben did for Hearthstone. There's basically zero connection between the dev team for hots and the players now. Occasionally you'll get a blog post and someone will chime in on the subreddit to someone posting artwork or something and that's about it.

iBleeedorange -1 points

That sounds like a moderator issue

InnerSpike 20 points

I've never understood this apathy contempt people have towards Reddit as a whole, but more directly towards a game's related subreddit. r/Hearthstone was fine any time any of the staff ever commented. Numerous threads are created each time as thanks for BBrode or MDonias whenever they communicate. I mean just look through their comment history and thread history and you'll see a sea of positive, thankful comments.

I guess it's always in fashion to shit on reddit for whatever reason

iBleeedorange 0 points

Mods remove a lot...

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