A sight to behold by KingPetunia in thegrandtour

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he got banned, and he was an asshole.

Mods of subreddits what is the worst thing you have had to remove? by IISirVantesII in AskReddit

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trolls and spammers man. it's a good thing there's automod. It helps a lot.

[Serious]people who were friends or knew some one who turned out to be a cold blooded killer, how did you react when you found out? by DR-orgasmo in AskReddit

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A girl who I grew up with lost her child when her husband killed the kid. He did a lot of awful things to the kid before he killed her too. It made national news, there was a man hunt for the child and him (thought the kid might still be alive).

I was shocked. The guy was a bit odd, but nothing worse than dozens of other people I've met.

PTR Secret "Muddied Parchment" Further Hints At Druid Class by Leviathan111 in Diablo

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It's more like people are sick of getting hyped for nothing. This sub has gotten itself hyped over nothing so many times that its a joke

A sight to behold by KingPetunia in thegrandtour

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With clothes on like that it looks like he just escaped from an asylum.

[Nitkowski] No way @POTUS would have passed a Baltimore Orioles physical. by aresef in orioles

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I think it was more a jab at how the Pres grew an inch in the past 6 years and is somehow .1 below being obese...

What’s the worst case of bad parenting you’ve ever witnessed? by nectarbeats in AskReddit

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The parents prob won't make it to a nursing home. And if they do, the government is gonna pick it, no way the daughter is going to pay for that.

Posted on NFL's Facebook page by Zkbvjxq in sports

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Bortles may join him after this year.

I've peaked. by Spicyh_ in Overwatch

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Yes, that was part of the joke. Literally killed everyone he hit.

I've peaked. by Spicyh_ in Overwatch

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Spoken like a true Widow main.

I've peaked. by Spicyh_ in Overwatch

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I guess 35 kills, which is more than 2nd and 3rd place combined is good. But you had 0 assists.


"I like the idea that the person you thought was the villain is actually the victim, and that the story is really about the villain trying to regain his humanity". - George Lucas by TheInfiniteOdyssey in StarWars

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This makes no sense. You're ignoring the last film in this trilogy, but you're not willing to look at the OT as they were when there was only two films then. You're not viewing everything equally, you're not judging fairly.

It's fine to judge the current trilogy like you are, but you have to realize that the OT was just as bad about it...

MRW I go home with a guy and he gives me white wine instead of red by HuffMyStuff69 in reactiongifs

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It's 2018. Women are allowed to speak in the same language men do, and have been for quite some time.

[Post Game Thread] Syracuse defeats Pittsburgh 59-45 by mmanultra in CollegeBasketball

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You guys faced an 8 player rotation, I was shocked.

He stays with 7 because of that's all he can trust on D