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iamkokonutz 3 points

I drove heavy equipment when I was younger for my dad. (Bulldozers, excavators, loaders).

I had a deal that I would remove all the snow from his company parking lot, in exchange for the use of the loader to make money clearing other people's parking lots.

One week, it snowed like crazy for 3 days. It was busy week for my dad's business so I worked 2 days straight clearing his lot for free.

When I was finally done, I went into the city looking for lots to clear. Problem was, it was around 6pm and all the businesses were closed. So, I started knocking on doors and clearing people's driveways.

Second driveway I cleared was a long one that was kinda steep. As I was backing back up the hill, the machine slipped and started sliding down the hill. The only thing I could do was drop the bucket. That dug into the flowerbed and caused the machine to swing 90 degrees, hitting the neighbours fence and knocked a section over. The machine wasn't moveable.

Because of its weight, I had to call a heavy duty wrecker instead of a normal tow truck. Cost me $300-400 to get the machine pulled up the hill.

I had to finish the driveway by shovel to get paid to mitigate my losses. Worked for almost 48 hours straight, only to lose a bunch of money.

That was the end of my snow clearing enterprise.

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Always-Offended 1 point

only to sit in the air and watch as the person stays drowning because they are in full panic mode and no human being actually went to go save them...

while i like they are trying, it doesn't change the fact that someone may not be able to swim back/save themselves even with a weird flotation device handy.

iamkokonutz 8 points

It could buy them an extra few minutes with their heads above the water until help actually arrives. I'm sure they don't just turn off the monitors after the flotation device gets dropped and head for a round of Michelob's Fosters and back pats.

Edit: ˙˙˙ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ uᴉ sɐʍ sᴉɥʇ

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orange1690 9 points

Are they called cougars in the States? I thought we called them cougar's up here in Canada and you guys down south called them mountain lions??

iamkokonutz 5 points

Was only in the past year I've realised they were the same cat. Always thought they were different beasts.

iamkokonutz 16 points

Whenever I see an animal with a tracking collar, I always immediately think of this Far Side Cartoon...

CaptUSSChiliDog 8 points

Is that a dog bed? It looks amazing.

iamkokonutz 24 points

It's a casper dog bed with a blanket on it. The blanket was on the couch, but he fell in love with it and would steal it off the couch and drag it onto the ground. He eventially won and I bought a new one for the couch.

fightingsioux 102 points

Give Bently a fist bump for me.

iamkokonutz 55 points

if I can teach Walle to fist bump Bentley...

Danominator 3 points

Was the show cancelled because somebody got hurt or are you making that up entirely?

iamkokonutz 9 points

At least 1 contestant died, but it was likely a preexisting condition. They died in season 3 but the show kept going.

wallace6464 2 points

did you actually think people didn't know MXC was a dubbing?

iamkokonutz -8 points

hey genius, it's Japanese. Pretty sure everyone knows it was dubbed, but not many people know what they were actually saying and that the format of MXC was completely different from how it was originally presented. It wasn't nearly as silly as MXC. More like an early version of Ninja Warrior. There was like 40 levels that contestants needed to pass to "win" the entire show.

a single MXC episode is a compilation of multiple episodes of Takeshi's Castle.

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MyWifeDontKnowItsMe 5 points

The flag is properly presented to the right or left. Upside down is where it's disrespectful.

iamkokonutz -1 points
bannedprincessny -16 points

your flag is backwards.

iamkokonutz 3 points

Not if he was charging into battle it isn't...

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iamkokonutz 2 points

1st. I had no idea they had Canadian Geese in Sweden.

2nd, I learned I have very poor log tying skills last spring when I did a wilderness survival course. I need to seriously upgrade my knowledge of knots. I don't like my chances building a raft like this. I think within a few hours I'd be navigating a set of loosely lashed logs and a bunch of wet gear.

OGgopro 1 point

DJI and GoPro actually started talking seriously about ~2 years before the Karma launch. I wasn't in the meetings but I was privy to them. DJI was down with a partnership. Their drones would come with camera hardware from GoPro (likely Session size).

GoPro said fuck it. On my last day I was sitting out back and watched one of their first octocopters fly right into a tree. Thankfully they had it on a leash attached to the table haha.

iamkokonutz 1 point

I heard the issue was GoPro wanted 2/3 of the revenue because of their name being worth more than DJI at the time. And that DJI wanted 2/3 of the revenue because it was their technology and IP.

That GoPro was extremely arrogant and thought they could crush DJI with their own drone launch.

konrad-iturbe 1 point

Any GoPro ex/employees can confirm if the GoPro budget camera is going to see the light of day?

iamkokonutz 1 point

They just reduced the price of the Hero by $100...

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Boboblah780 -1 points

But what if the local park's landowner doesn't want the snow there? It could compromise the area through buried litter, other debris, etc... They have the right to their land.

And to haul the snow away costs a lot of money. Here, you're paying the driver by the hour. And sometimes the only lineup available is several hours long.

To pile the snow high, you have to have something that can reach higher than the pile because it's going to be too small to scale. Larger machinery is more expensive, so they hire a couple of skid-steers to move the bulk of it and a backhoe to shove it in that general area over there. The end result, unfortunately, is a dozen spaces go missing for several months of the year.

iamkokonutz 4 points

Oh god... This discussion is going somewhere I never dreamed or intended.

I'm just saying, that with snow removal like this, they aren't likely hauling the snow a long distance. Maybe they have an industrial melting machine? but whatever it is, it's likely being hauled a short distance. Snow (water) is extremely heavy. Trucking it across the city would cost a fortune.

And the city owns the streets. The city owns the parks. A parks landowner is most likely the city.

Boboblah780 1 point

Listen, mate, you brought it this far by not understanding.

Let me make one thing clear to you: it is expensive (energy intensive) and dangerous to melt that much water anywhere near where people are driving or walking. It will freeze either on the surface or underground and cause many more problems when the spring thaw comes. And no, not a huge distance. Usually within the city or the next town over.

Melting the snow on streets is a terrible idea.

Using anything but the sun to melt the snow is terribly inefficient and expensive; it may happen but it's still inefficient and expensive.

These are simple reasons which you ought to have picked up on, but now we gotta spell it out for you.

iamkokonutz 3 points

So... like... maybe somewhere like a parking lot might be a better idea? Where it can enter the pre-existing drainage system?

Ha ha ha ha, fuck this has gone sideways.

The city is removing snow with equipment. It has to go somewhere. It can't go far. You seem to be some sort of snow rocket scientist... Please, tell me. Where then?

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iamkokonutz 3 points

If you had the stomach to go through all his videos, and pick out every single horrible thing he's done, it would be a long video.

This one really pissed me off though. Broke a banister in a really nice italian hotel and then acted like a complete dick about it. Then broke italian drone laws by flying his over the Coliseum.

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ollywollypollywoggy 1 point

What's the address you put into 311/VanConnect for the noise complaint?

iamkokonutz 4 points

I checked last night at midnight. The city made them shut it off!

Flash604 2 points

City did not say it's legal; Global News asked the city, the city sent an inspector, and the inspector told them to shut it off.

iamkokonutz 2 points

I meant if the city says it’s legal and they leave it, then I would start seeing other options.

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