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iamkokonutz 21 points

That pilot was incredibly calm, but things you absolutely have to say in a situation like that are, “we are declaring an emergercy” or “Mayday Mayday Mayday”.

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iamkokonutz 2 points

This is definitely not a Pan Pan call. A person died, the cabin depressurized, the engine was a complete loss... that’s a Mayday in ever sense of the definition.

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TheBurdistheWurd 2,731 points

My Sting would be myself and I would glow blue when oxygen was near. This means that I'd be glowing 24/7 as a real-life Dr. Manhattan and would make loads of money off of my fame. I might even be a useful hire as a lighthouse beacon.

iamkokonutz 1,419 points

Would be super creepy if you worked in a shipyard and decended into the deep hold of a ship with co-workers to be their light... When they go... "Jim? You're not glowing very brightly..." and then suddenly the light went out.

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Guysmiley777 42 points

Yeah I know. Yeesh. And the comment about not touching the fuel cut-offs. Looks like that twin engine model had them up overhead rather than on the floor.

iamkokonutz 9 points

The newer single, the H125 also has them up (b3e). The b2 model had them on the floor. Seems like a much superior design.

Johbros 3 points

If I recall from the pictures I saw, the helicopter didn't have the mod to attach a guard around the floor mounted controls. I'd call it necessary in all cabin configurations except 2 pilot. All As350's pre b3e in the fleet I work on have them.

iamkokonutz 5 points

My understanding was it had something to do with the 3rd front seat being installed, or recently removed and the guards not replaced. Could be wrong. Heard that 3rd person from someone close to the company.

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Dont_Jersey_Vermont 6 points

People can't just be satisfied flying in a helicopter & sight seeing. Just HAVE to get that extra push over the cliff and have the doors off & feet on the skids. That way they can look cool on their social media accounts with all their "Look at me!! Extreme!!! Look how crazy & daring I am!!" No doors!!!" Then next thing you know you crash into the water, roll over like a helo dunker, and you have an extra strap attached to you (because you had to have the doors open) and now can't unbuckle yourself while your trapped underwater. Good one.

iamkokonutz 9 points

I get what you're saying, but it is called "human nature" for a reason. This isn't going to change. What needs to change is either the safety equipment used or the regs surrounding it. And, those are changing. But as long as the FAA allows this type of flight, this will be a growing market. Just check FlyNYON's social media. They don't appear to be suffering from it.

If those were 6 people normally seatbelted into their seats and it rolled into the river, I bet the total is 4 alive, 2 dead. With quick release harnesses, it's 2 alive, 4 dead.

Aviation regs are unfortunatly written in blood, and they will continue to be forever and a day.

Leoflys 5 points

I just don't see the appeal of this foot selfie thing? Maybe its just my age, but in 15 years of flying doors off I've never had the desire to stick anything out.

The twinstar looks like a cool chopper to fly though.

iamkokonutz 7 points

I did a flight in an ex-vietnam huey helicopter in South Africa in 2003. It was called "huey extreme"

Cost like $100 and I thought, "meh, how extreme is this going to be? Oh well, flight in a Huey for $100! I'm in"

Doors open, hanging out of a huey was just about the most exhilarating thing I've ever done. We came up the coast so low, I was looking up at the waves on either side. This was as we came back ashore.

Safe? No. Fun? Yes.

Here was their promo video.

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Dyolf_Knip 84 points

In addition to the purpose of the wargame being to test out passive sonar defenses, active sonar tells everyone where you are, too. Even running the subs silent and only pinging from the surface ships wouldn't help much, because the ping will bounce off friendlies.

It's a giant "Here I am" neon sign for a much greater range than the person using it can actually detect anything with, just like you can see someone using a flashlight long before they are close enough to see you with it.

iamkokonutz 19 points

good analogy...

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iamkokonutz 2 points

Robinson Helicopter's Safety Course about 20 years ago. We were in a R22 doing our first Autorotation together. The instructor never said, "This will be a power recovery" and I had only ever done a handfull of power recovery auto's in my life. In my training, every single auto was a full down auto, so I thought we were going full down.

We entered the auto smoothly, and approached our spot. At about 40', I felt him come on the controls, which was fine, but then he started trying to flare, which was way too early for a full down auto. I resisted and continuted to my spot. He started really pulling back without saying "I have control" so I resisted.

Finally I blurted "Are you taking control or can I land this fucking thing?!?" he released pressure and said "You have control..." and just rode along for the rest of the auto...

I said, "I'm sorry for swearing, but I just didn't know who had control of the aircraft"

He said, "totally okay, we just normally do power recovery. I guess we never discussed that before the auto."

I told him I had never really done a power recovery and always did full on autos. He said it was a good auto, so for the rest of the hour we did full on autos and had a blast.

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QQMau5trap 10 points

Probably his trainer who told him to quit

iamkokonutz 3 points

I'd rather stand up to answer the bell and have my corner throw the towel personally. But, there is something said for being a broken man sitting on your stool, unable to answer that bell. Some things just break your spirt. His, apparently was broken.

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iamkokonutz 37 points

I sent it to Sam Kolder. Sam lost his older brother 4 years ago, so know's what Wack's younger brother who tweeted the link this week is going through. Sam shared it on his social, and is planning to make a bigger statement about it, which should get some views. I know it will mean a lot to his younger brother.

decadin -2 points

Because a lot of Reddit gets tired of seeing stuff like this after people's deaths that sometimes feels like its only purpose is to reap Karma. I think it would help a lot if Reddit would make an option where you can click something on a post and it can receive the karma needed to be voted on and move up and down the ranks, and the comments can do the same, but nobody from the comments or the link itself actually receives any Karma... Absolutely no karma at all... I know a lot of subreddits still do self post, but that's not quite the same thing as what I'm talking about. No link, and No comment karma for anyone. That's how you have a genuine thread to remember someone by. Call it something like "In memorandum" or an "IMO post" (in memory of) /u/spez

My heart is broken for this community and these families. I can't even imagine a tragedy like that striking so close to home for me personally. I hope these boys are able to rest easy and, more importantly, I hope the surviving teammates and staff on that bus are able to find happiness and peace someday.

Edit - Honestly, it's overall link Karma, and everyone's comment karma, should probably be completely hidden and these particular post might not have a system in the comments to rank them off of up/down votes. So everybody's thoughts, memories, and well wishes are simply just thrown into a large pool.

iamkokonutz 5 points

Actually, I saw the video because his brother tweeted about it, and it would clearly be something the family would like to see shared. At minimum his little brother.

I know Sam Kolder who inspired the video style, so I texted it to him for him to share, which he did. Sam lost his older brother 4 years ago, and knew what it would mean to the younger brother to see other people see his work. Being a YouTuber myself, I know what it means to see other people sharing and enjoying your creation. I personally would be happy to see every upvote register as a downvote to my overall karma score. It means zero.

I wish it was possible to donate karma to the cunts who are so concerned about it. I mean, don't get me wrong, there was a time when I was collecting to cash in on a new toaster oven, but since the redemption points increased, I realized that's just a pipe dream now.

iamkokonutz 8 points

I was buying new deodorant tonight, and I instantly flashed back to a time I was deodorant shopping years ago. I was looking at the selection, and a guy just walked up, openned a stick, removed the plastic internal cover, wiped 3 or 4 slathers on each pit, put the cap back on, put it on the shelf and walked out of the store...

Ever since then, I open every new deodorant I plan to buy and check the top to make sure it's never been used. Grossly enough, one time I have found a used one on the shelf. Could be the same dude does this often, or could be more common than I ever would have thought. Either way, fucking gross.

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Leoflys -5 points

If you think you are getting too steep at the end, then next time try aiming at a spot that is before your intended landing spot, that way if you find yourself too steep for your aiming spot, you'll still be on track for your actual one.

Personally though I feel that nothing's too steep for a helicopter, and if I have to go in vertically for the last 20-30 feet, so what,...its more fun that way anyway!

iamkokonutz 3 points

is that missing the "/s" at the end? Or you being serious?

donaldfranklinhornii 1 point

The dog doesn't look very enthused about any of this!

iamkokonutz 6 points

He’s a bulldog. That’s how he looks no matter whats’s going on...

iamkokonutz 2 points

A memeber of the local media happened to be waiting for his haircut and took a picture of it happening and tweeted this...

nottherealme1991 1 point

If you're flying him around Van, does that mean they're already filming Season 3..?

iamkokonutz 2 points

I think they just wrapped season 2 filming. They confirmed a season 3

toomanykids4 5 points

Ha. Yep

iamkokonutz 6 points


Mind blown!

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iamkokonutz 1 point
yvr2014 14 points
iamkokonutz 46 points

And I thank you... can confirm. That is my shitty old jacket, ratty hat and horrible haircut sticking out from under it. Also, that is my weirdo dog. He does have his “L” so I figured it was okay.

In all seriousness. The cop was petting Bentley while I was in Blenz. I told him to he was friendly, showed him some of his obedience tricks and some videos of him in the helicopter. He asked me if he wanted to sit on his bike and walked there with me. I asked him if it was okay for me to share on social media, which he said was totally fine and to tag the VPD.

Apparently the interaction ended up on Global News this AM. I haven’t seen it, so hopefully it wasn’t saying the cop “caught me” doing it instead of invited me to put him up.

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