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76 points · 1 day ago

I had a very serious head injury. I don't quite recall the specifics of the swelling, but I was out for a little over 3 days, they said. I woke up as if someone had turned a light back on. I immediately tried to get up; I thought I was still on the mountain I was skiing.

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4 points · 1 day ago

Ok so going to assume you received this head injury while skiing?

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I had the same thing at my last job. Groups merged and direction changed, so a group that got an MX80 didn’t need it and was going to ship it to me to do whatever I wanted with it. It was an ongoing joke because they said it was taking up room in their receiving area and wanted it gone. I probably should have taken it at the time. As far as I know it’s still sitting there new in the box, if that office is even still opened. The one I was in was closed down a few months ago and all employees went remote. I left before that though...

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This is pretty much it. We're in western canada, head office is in Toronto, they had bought out a smaller company here, had no use for 80% of the equipment former small Co was using, HO doesn't want it either as we're a cisco shop when we do deploy PE routers.

Hell we had about 70 outdated ip phones that got tossed in the clean up too. If I had been there longer than a week before they decided to toss everything I would've organised selling all if it.

No they haven't. They have a great layer 3 offering and their prices are considerably better than Cisco. OTH Their firewall clustering is a mess and their switching configuration is a sad afterthought making simple tasks big configuration hauls that are inconsistent and buggy from version to version. Also JTAC is less process oriented. Support engineers get a lot of autonomy which means you never know what you will get and it becomes very hard to get escalated to engineer for bugs.

But for sure Juniper has a very clean and easy to manage router.

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3 points · 4 days ago

Awesome, thats good to hear. I have a brand new juniper router sitting at work that they were going to toss out. Its going into my lab once I move and can setup my mini lab.

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As some one living in Calgary on the lrt this very moment. Keep the trains way the fuck away from cars. It's amazing how many people have lost the train vs car debate at intersections. The train will win every time.

As to why anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me. Lrt's are great for cities like winnipeg where it's over half a million people, probably won't grow to double that size any time soon.

While I know surrey isn't vancouver per se, but part of the metropolitan area, there's what? 2+ million living there? Lrt is just piss poor planning.

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Said Owen Wilson

DSL speeds are very sensitive to your distance from routing station as well as overall network congestion. These days its basically the broadband of last resort.

Are there any other broadband options in your area? All providers advertise their packages as “up to xxx speed” so while it is in their interest to be somewhat within the ballpark of that they advertise, the lack of competition plus good ol’ boy handshake deals means the consumer is fairly limited in options.

Your only other option is a 4g/LTE wifi hotspot. Those plans are usually around 60-80 bucks though and is basically the least monetarily effective means of getting broadband but if you are crazy rural, that might also be your only bet too.

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3 points · 4 days ago

All providers advertise their packages as “up to xxx speed”

Ding ding winner winner chicken dinner, this is exactly why you're getting next to nothing. Its up to.

That being said, disconnect everything and plug your computer directly into the modem and do a speed test. I say this as I work for an ISP and this is one of the first things we ask for someone to do when they complain about slow speeds. Obviously like others have mentioned, it will depend how far you are from the node/central office. DSL links should be no more that 5 km (3.1 mi) away from the co/node. As well there are specific electrical properties that need to be met to have a solid connection.

Before you even mention to them you're thinking of upgrading, hound them to come out and test the lines. I'm not sure what your setup is like, if you can have the modem right at where their lines come in from the street. This is called the demarcation point, where responsibility is passed off from them to you. Plug the modem right into that point, power it up and directly connect your computer and run the test. If the speed improves a lot, then its poor wiring in your home. If its the same then it is more than likely 99% on their side.

I know it sounded bad as I typed it out, I was just curious I guess.

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I can see you're thought process, fix the lack of bonding, verify that the breaker will trip now that everything is in order. I'm sure you tossed that power strip after the testing?

Best bet is to just call student services. Is it below the requirement or lower than you had predicted?

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Below the requirement

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Then ya call student services. They can tell you for sure

598 points · 5 days ago

Amazon Prime: free 2-day shipping.

Amazon non-prime: they wait 8 days, then give you free 2-day shipping.

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Had this bs happen last week. Ordered something the Friday before for work. Checked don't deliver on weekend cuz we'll be closed. Package should arrive Wed. K sweet that's good enough. Tue get notified that package will arrive before 8 pm Wed. We close at 4:30 pm. So get chat with amazon going. Hey any chance we can have it not arrive that late, sketchy neighbourhood and no one here. Ya no problem it will now ship and be there early Thursday. Ok I can live with that.

Thursday am I get a notification that there's a problem with the payment... ffs chat again, oh there's an error with our system and we'll have to cancel the order and ship for tomorrow. Ya nvm cancel the order well by it at local computer shop for twice the price.

When they know about the coconut

I just moved out of my parents house, and they always gave me a hard time for responding to my cat's meows with, "Yes, you're a kitty, I know." Once they pointed it out I realized how odd it was.

However my roommate's dialogue with her cat is almost exclusively her asking him if he's Marshall, which is indeed his name.

So now I feel less weird.

Also it's only been a week and I do it too now.

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If it makes you feel less weird I meow back at cats. Especially if they're being extra chatty.

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

I have a finished basement. But I do have access to the attic. We have a two story house, do you think I'd have "easy" access to the main floor too? Or just the upstairs?

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Ok now I'm going to hope that you have either a drop ceiling/movable tiles, or at the very least an open space to run the wires up to the next floor. Its not going to be easy without making holes in your walls. If you do have a proper ceiling in the basement, and especially if its textured, you don't want to make any holes in that. If you have a furnace room, you might be lucky and can use either string or fishwire to pull your cable to the first floor jacks. The second floor, if there's a clear run from the basement up to the attic then you can pull all your cabling through there and come down from the attic to each room.

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Awesome thank you so much for your help, I'll check out tomorrow to see if there is a clear run up to the attic from the furnace room or the bathroom. Everything else in the basement is proper ceiling.

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You're welcome! Worst case, make a hole in the wall before the ceiling for running up from the basement. Wall holes are easily patched. Textured ceilings are almost impossible to match unless you do it for a living.

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Most consumer grade routers do have the option for a guest network, but as far as i know they are only supported over wifi. As well are you sure you don;'t have a router after the netgear cm1000? From what I found its only a modem with 1 lan port out.

Odd are you will probably need a second router though as you mentioned that the bus. pc is wired.

for real?

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Well not the turning into a giant basketball, but yes you can now emote throwing a regular sized one.

PTM is just another way of encoding your data to send over their network. Pulse-Time Modulation. Just one of many ways modem can work.

As for a suggestion on one, my company uses/deploys zyxel brand routers for our DSL clients, I'm not 100% certain on the model we use, but one of the tire 3 ISP's in Canada has ZyXel VSG1432 as an approved model that the PTM capabilities. It looks the same as what we use. In terms of speed this one can do 100 Mbps down/45 Mbps up. So that being said, what speeds are you paying for?

I've heard its roomier than the tower. Looks like it was recently renovated in side as well.

Who the fuck just decided that it was socially acceptable to just ignore the shit out of people if they went in for a job interview and didn’t get the job? I’m not gonna be offended if I didn’t get accepted. At least send me some automated email or message telling me I didn’t get it so I can stop waiting and move on with my life.

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After a certain point I accepted that if I hear nothing I didn't get it. Just finished post secondary in April, sent out over 100 resume's. After a certain point I gave up on hearing from anyone. But what really pissed me off about the whole process was one place. "We'll call you by next Friday, even if you don't get the job, we'll still call." Ok cool.

I've never heard back from that company. Don't fucking tell me you'll call then never even send me an email. Assholes.

10.9k points · 8 days ago

Just out of curiosity, what’s your opinion on “We will have made our selections by Tuesday so if you haven’t heard from us by then, you were not selected”? That’s what my company did when I was hiring and I felt like it was reasonable

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3 points · 8 days ago

I'm fine with this, that one that really pisses me off is, “We will have made our selections by Tuesday and we will call you no matter what our decision is" then they don't call. Don't fucking tell me you'll call me whether I get the job or not, then not call at all. Biggest fuck you to any one that comes in for an interview.

I just turned 30 this week op, graduated from a 2 year program in April with honours. And honestly, the cisco certs a) aren't necessary unless you actually need them for work, or want to go for them and b) require studying for anyone. They change up the wording every few years, and I'm fairly certain pull in the most well versed English majors possible, because the way some of that shit is written doens't make sense even to those of us in the flippin industry.

So that being said, you're 24 and want to further your education. Thats a good thing no matter what the circumstances are. People around you don't have to know more than that. I don't have my certs yet, do plan on working on them, just don't have the space for a mini lab, and don't have the money to write the test. In this industry you can never stop learning.

There's nothing wrong with feeling a little guilt, but instead of dwelling on it, learn from it and move on. Best bet is to do so before this all blows up in your face while you're ahead.

I worked for a debt collection call centre years ago. One of those necessary evils. We did not harass people, but certainly stuck right on that fine line. For the most part calling people was justifiable as they didn't pay their bills on time, so we call. The project that took care of the super high balance accounts, I. E. Massive rv's, we'd be calling the first day you go past due.

But the actual evil side was calling on the bullshit medical financing. So we're in Canada, need a life saving surgery? Free, covered by the gov. Might take a few months to get it, but you will get it at no extra charge. 99% of our centre collected American debts... Calling and trying to collect on a debt that was healthcare based, but that person has passed so now your calling and borderline harassing the spouse... Yea that's the true evil of that industry.

I work with appliances. You need to maintain them to keep them running. It's not that hard.

Clean your dryer vents. Clean the boot on your front load washer. Clean your refrigerator coils and change your filter. Not that hard.

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Just from doing regular maintenance on my fans and portable ac, I've kept them living years longer. Ac always reeked like mold, tore it completely apart last year scrubbed everything, I even have a set if small wire brushes just for cleaning the fins.

In my last apartment the garbage disposal broke, and I hadn't even been hard on it. The maintenance guy showed up, fixed it, then gave me a guilt trip about how I shouldn't use the garbage disposal because it's old, and requires a lot of maintenance. He didn't appreciate my, "Then maybe y'all should replace it."

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Or you know, just tear them all out? Don't have to maintain some thigh that isn't there anymore ...

1.4k points · 10 days ago

I have never legitimately tried to call someone on Snapchat ever, and yet it's so annoyingly placed that I do it all the time.

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26 points · 10 days ago

Snap has a calling feature? Damn app won't go long enough with out crashing for me i didn't even know.

Sometimes that results in costing more. Source: my knockoff Chromecast is crapping out

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If it makes you feel better I refused to buy my chromecast until I won a gift card for bestbuy. Except now that amazon and google refuse to co-operate my prime video can't be cast with out going the firestick route. I live in Canada, theres only like 2 services that can even use a flipping firestick. So I just use chrome to cast the tab of prime video.

57 points · 10 days ago

A trunk

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10 points · 10 days ago

What are they when they're reaching for the hidden stash?

A SIP Trunk

Top is the HV feed. Middle is the neutral for the feed.

Bottom appears to be telephone.

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Correct on the phone line, thats a distribution point for drops to customers.

What did that switch ever do to you OP?

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