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maefartsmell commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
kb3uoe 1,394 points

That's exactly why I won't buy it. I absolutely have anger problems when it comes to video games, and if I play one that's supposed to piss me off, something, or things, will end up broken.

maefartsmell 1 point

or someone

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sydshamino 550 points

They proved that if everyone was going to die, this employee wasn't going to break into the store, have sex with the merchandise, and then burn the place to the ground.

An employee like that is hard to find and worth keeping.

maefartsmell 1 point


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maefartsmell commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
maefartsmell 1 point

/u/TheChillBanana What is the music until 0:30 ?

TheChillBanana 1 point

It's a hard knock-life from Annie

maefartsmell 1 point

Thanks, I know I heard it from somewhere!

maefartsmell commented on a post in r/todayilearned
PastelFlamingo150 43 points

Damn NIMBYs standing in the way of progress.

maefartsmell 2 points

Not In My Back Yard?

Thistlebalm 3,063 points

It's actually a thing, minus the manhole cover.

maefartsmell 1 point

is that KSP?

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MrBridger 1 point

Only because they use ARM CPU cores in their Tegra SOCs

maefartsmell -1 points

The GPU is a little more complex as there are several product lines and OSes which need to be dealt with. There should be a new GeForce driver appearing early next week for gaming GPUs, with HPC cards receiving updates on the dates you can see below.

Sc0rchFire -2 points

god dammit i knew i shoulda went with amd.

maefartsmell 0 points


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