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I call these kinds of things The Joshua Tree Effect. People are often unaware of what a Joshua Tree is. But once they know, they begin to notice them everywhere. They are in car commercials, movies, people’s yards, etc.

Of course she did. The narrative right now in Europe is fuck Trump. That picture appeals to all of them.

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That’s not a narrative. It’s opinion. There’s a huge difference.

People who claim to be psychic. Total charlatans.

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I’ve met people who truly believe it. They don’t try to manipulate or take from people. They just like to tell people about it.

Well I guess we can dispense with the usual discussion of pocket screws, improper breadboard ends, and staining pine with dark stain.

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I’m a little bummed he didn’t use pallet wood and burn it with a blow torch.

Yeah it's sometimes part of prep, I should have been more specific. And sometimes dishes are just recently cycled out of the washer and so hotter than usual. I've had eggs Benedict come to me like that though crunchy on the outside it had been sitting under the heat so long.

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At almost every Mexican restaurant I’ve been to, they warn you about the plate being hot and the beans often have a really thin crust on top. Is that the heat lamp, and is that a really common practice in Mexican restaurants?

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Real smart kid right there

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Nobody who robs a bank is smart. I think the average take is somewhere around $1400. And almost all of them get arrested. Or killed. By SWAT.


Seriously, this group is amazing. All the other parent groups I’ve seen don’t come close to being so supportive and right on with their advice. I think you’d have a hard time finding a better group of dads. If I could invite you all over for some beers, I would.


On the subject of plates, can anyone tell me what the the blue plate with “WT” is for? I know it’s not just the reissue of the classic 80s plate. The WT means something.

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They got them so the police can identify them as confidential informants. The WT stands for “Will Talk”

You don’t see many around anymore.


Today a coworker gave me this shirt for my daughter.She thought it was quite funny, but it really bothers me. Am I alone in this, because it really feels like it?

Yep, exactly.

I don't see the shirt as sexualizing kids - it's just calling them cute.

But the whole 'hands off my property' angle bothers me a lot, as does the implied obsession with eternal innocence/purity, and all the assumptions behind it.

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Original Poster6 points·2 days ago

Maybe its not sexualizing kids, but implying that boys already want to date her as a toddler is inappropriate and a little fucking weird to me. And I agree whole heartedly on the ownership of your daughter thing. I’ve always felt that reduces them to something less than they actually are. By the time she starts being aware of her sexuality, she will be making choices for herself. I hope she sees herself as more than an object of sexual desire. I hope that when she inevitably takes that step, and her partner ultimately breaks her heart, i can be a safe place, ready to embrace her and nurture her and help her feel valuable again. Threatening to go after the guy with my shotgun will not accomplish that.

I'm hoping that my daughter will learn to value herself by watching how I treat her and my wife. We made a point early on of telling her things other than just how pretty she is. Telling her how smart she is etc. I'm terrified that she's going to turn out like either of her aunts though and be wrapped up in valuing herself only through the people she dates.

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Original Poster4 points·1 day ago

Yes! This is my approach too. I agree with this so much.I do that with my kids. It was hard with my oldest son though. I always wanted to stay away from saying “you are so smart”, instead saying things like “that was a good decision” or “your hard work really paid off”. He is a very smart, but I didn’t want that to become his identity. I’ve seen too many smart people who are afraid to try because they fear failure so much that they often times won’t even try. If they fail, it threatens their identity. But his mom (previous relationship) wouldn’t play along. Her and her parents always told him how smart he was, more than anything else. They had custody at the time so he hears it a LOT. To this day he still struggles with fear of failure.

But as a rule, I try to acknowledge actions and be close to their person. “I love you’re smile” and “it’s so awesome that you are helping with this chore!”

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Asshole. Here’s your upvote.

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Player’s not the reality bender here, that guy in the background with the blue shirt appearing out of thin air is.

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It's just a cut to scene 2. It's not that confusing.

Still trying to figure out who you think didn't get the joke...


Our desktops are configured to use a proxy for internet. In the IE settings, we have a specific website listed as an exception so that we can route that traffic over a dedicated WAN connection. For some reason, IE considers that website to be a local intranet site instead of internet, and is therefore getting intranet security settings. Is this expected behavior, and is there a workaround?


The New Yorker gets it! Dad and daughter doing things together. Daughter doing “guy” things. Compare this to Parent Magazine, who rarely puts a dad on he cover. And as a dad, I can promise you that moments like the one depicted in your post are real, and they are the best moments in the world.

Original Poster1 point·2 days ago

Luckily we are both in sync on this. It has been a longggg pregnancy for both of us. Anxiety has been through the roof on both sides, making this whole process really hard

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The burnout is real. Have some tanks with your wife about getting some adult time. You will benefit greatly from leaving the kids with someone so you can get out and go to dinner from time to time.

Just buy one of the heavy duty ones from Home Depot or the like. Don’t leave it out in the sun and it will last for years. A 15 footer won’t cost you too much

First, let me say THANK YOU! for caring enough to take good photos of your food. As a photographer, it always blows my mind that more chefs/caterers/restaurants don't take good pictures of their food. Why on earth would you not want to attract people to your food when they look at it online or on a menu or in an advertisement? It boggles my mind.

Anyway, to your question. As everyone said, Gordon's is an option. They have been in town forever, but honestly their customer services has left me annoyed more than once.

Action Camera is somewhat new to town. I've never been there, so I can't speak to it, but I would recommend checking them out. Honestly, I've started shopping online. I like to shop local, but I just wasn't finding what I needed locally. If you want to go online, check B&H Photo or Adorama as a good place to start. Be careful on Amazon. There is a lot of knock-off photography equipment out there so you need to have a decent knowledge of gear to buy safely.

Had a friend with a twin brother that his parents did the same thing. Polish washed off in the bath one night - momentary confusion and they took their best guess which one was which and went on with their lives.

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I have boy/girl twins. Even with the obvious differences it was easy to briefly mix them up during the first month or so. If one was crying you would pick them up and think you had one baby, but then you look closely and realize you have the wrong one.

So I asked In r/parentsofmultiples if any parents felt like hey may have permanently mixed them up. Some said no, they could tell right away. Some said the user the nail painting trick for a few months. Other said it was possible but it doesn’t really matter. That last group proves this shower thought to be accurate.

There was once a missed connection for (KL) that worked at (this place) from a man that said KL was really hot and he'd like to get to know him better.

My husband's initials at the time? KL. Where did he work? That place. I read it to him and had a giggle.

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I'm insanely curious. What were you doing on missed connections when you were married, and didn't your husband ask the same thing?

A lot of these small airports have events where the local pilots take kids for free flights. It's awesome!

As a dad with a newborn daughter, this makes me sad. I plan to raise my daughter by lifting her up, encouraging her to be the best that she can at whatever she chooses to do. I hate thinking about how she could end up in a field that is dominated by guys where she isn’t respected by her peers. Ever since she was born, it’s opened my eyes to to how society views and talks to women and it’s sickening to me. Last time we were out, some old guy was saying “how cute! Oh! Don’t smile too much or people might start to think you are flirting.” And as a dad with sons, it pisses me off to see how society teaches boys to treat women that way. I was raised that way so sometimes I have to mentally slap myself and say “her being friendly does not equal flirting.” And don’t get me started on how we do nothing in America to encourage our girls to go into fields that require a brain.

As an IT guy, this pisses me off too. Men assume women are at least one rung lower in skills than they actually are. They assume the hard jobs should be left for the guys. They over simplify things when talking to female IT colleagues. It’s unfair to women and it’s holding the industry back. We are doing ourselves a huge disservice by not lifting up an entire demographic of people who are clearly very capable.

It’s not excusable that IT treats women that way. I think we need to be better about standing up to it. Women, stand up for yourselves, and men, stand up for women. It’s time we grow up as a society.

I mean you've got to whine in some direction before anyone knows to start a movement.

For example, I'm typing this comment saying that you're comment is annoying and not something I want to see in this sub, but I'm not saying you're being illegal nor should be punished. I'm just voicing my opinion.

I think the whole speech-freedom thing is even a fundamental rule in some countries... could be wrong about that tho.

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Free speech isn’t all encompassing. Freedom of speech, as it is in America anyway, simply means the government can’t censor your speech. Outside of the government, you had better be prepared for the consequences of what comes out of your mouth.

The last thing I want to do when I’m at home is puts around on computers. A home lab just seems like a great way to sink into irreparable depression. I don’t tinker with computers outside of work at all any more. Hell, if my smart tv won’t load Netflix, I just turn it off and find some lumber that needs to be cut.

bike LANE you’re in the BIKE lane Would you please moooove?

Just a guess, but do laundry and wash your sheets more regularly.

Edit. Just re-read that you wash your sheets regularly, so probably not that.

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