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Check out O’gara Orthodontics. I only had to put down $850 of $4200 and am making monthly payments for the rest. They are interest free payments, which is nice. This was for actual braces, but Invisalign was an option for me. I would steer clear of Absolute Dental if you can help it.

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I use O’gara and I’m extremely happy with them.

Original Poster1 point · 5 hours ago

Do you have invisalign with them? My dental insurance doesn't have ortho :/ so I need an office that will offer me a reasonable price!

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I don't. I haven't had to try to get ortho without insurance, fortunately. I'd just call them up and ask.

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I have never configured NAT for anything other than dynamic NAT for internet. I thought I understood the concepts, but for some reason I just can't get this working. I am hoping someone here can help.

I want NetMotion Mobility vpn clients to connect to our public IP ( and be port forwarded on UDP 5008 to the Net Motion server at What would my NAT rule look like for that?


Lol sorry about that man, auto correct. Pin-holing in a sense is essentially port forward, where you leave a selected port open for x TCP/UDP port. With firewalls you will also have to implement a permit Untrust to Trust on port X. Which can be dangerous as some could easily send a malicious pack on port 500/4500 etc...... which is why I would not recommended.

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Original Poster1 point · 11 hours ago

if I have my security rule to permit traffic from untrust to trust, defining the service and application, wouldn't that remove a lot of the risk?

Not exactly, application is filtering on the signature of IPSEC, essentially is this IPSEC traffic behaving like an IPSEC packet would. But because you are not the end host for the IPSEC tunnel you will not be able to read what’s inside of it. So yes it will solve the problem of fraudulent packages trying to appear as IPSEC, unlike filtering on protocol where they would definitely make it through. But if for some reason a remote user gets a virus that the reaches out to your firewall, via the VPN. Said virus will be allowed by security policy rules and walk right into your network, there a lot of dependencies.

In short yes if you want to port forward your best option of filtering on application, but it’s still not as safe as you’d think.

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Original Poster1 point · 9 hours ago

That makes sense. Thanks!

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Today is not just actual friday, but its work friday too! (that's like a unicorn!)

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If it’s payday for you, it’s also what I call Good Friday.

Forego, the amount of pressure you need from a tourniquet is insane and if done right, painful. It is easier to get that pressure by using your middle three fingers, placing one set beneath the other, locking your arms, and putting your body weight behind it. Imagine enough pressure to squish a pool noodle, that is how much you need.

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if done right, painful

This. When the victim starts complaining about the pain, you are almost there. Imagine a victim with heavy enough bleeding to need a tourniquet. Now imagine how tight you would need to get that tourniquet to get them to complain about the pain. Now imagine trying to get a shirt that tight.

That being said, you could probably tear the shirt and twist it into a makeshift rope, then use a stick to twist that shirt really really tight.

How would a belt work?

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Poorly. Take your belt and wrap it around your arm. Now pull it as tight as possible. Does it hurt more than a gaping wound that is threatening your life? More importantly, how are you going to keep it tight?

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So, only make design choices that you know will be persistent and you will still love 10 years later? That's not really useful advice.

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Yes it is. Who wants to refinish or repurchase all of their furniture every ten years? It’s either that or live with cliche old trends. It’s even worse when it’s something like an entire floor and you can’t sell the house for as much because any new buyer is going to want to replace that shit.

Isn't 10 years a decent lifetime for furniture that is used daily?

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if you buy it at WalMart, sure. But if it's real wood with proper joinery and is treated with care, it could be an heirloom that is handed down through generations.

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I’ve always wanted to say “oh thank you! I’ve been needing money so badly lately. God works in mysterious ways” as I take the money out of the tray as it’s being passed around.

Turn off autofocus and focus manually so the stars and background are in focus. And then either turn off the lights or keep the lit area out of the foreground. That will boost the impact of the photo tenfold.

Fun fact:

These whistles can be heard for miles; whistling "come over for dinner" results in way too many dinner guests.

Great little video! You are a good teacher and the video is enjoyable to watch. I even love your set. Except the video is called "How to sand wood" but you didn't teach us how to sand wood. You taught us what kind of sander to buy. How much pressure should I apply to the sander? Should I move with the grain, against the grain, in all directions? What grit sandpaper should I use? etc etc etc.

I watched this probably 50 times trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. Obviously, his ramp wasn't large enough or steep enough to give him the height he needed, but you can tell he attempts to add a bunny hop. Combiniong that with the lift from the ramp, it should be possible to get over that grill. You can see him attempt the bunny hop just before the ramp, completing it on the ramp, which should be appropriate. It took a while, but I see it now. His problem was that he came in really fast, hit the ramp, and while flying through the air he ran into the grill. He shouldn't have done that.

I might hit that Claritin if it gets really bad. I'm generally not out in the early mornings, but if I am that's when it's the worst! Definitely think it's the sagebrush.

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It’s the rabbit brush. It destroys me, even when on medication or when I’ve gotten the kenalog (it’s too early to try to spell that right) shot.

Yes, rabbitbrush

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Exactly. It starts when the temperature begins to drop and doesn’t end until the first frost. Every. Single. Year.

This is a very real thing. We had some short term flooding in our town last year. Two firefighters were walking through the waters to help a homeless person. They were walking with arms linked and one stepped into an open manhole. It sucked him in, but his partner was able to pull him free. If they hadn’t had their arms linked, it would have been over.

Yay! Go Reno! Looks like they live near saddlehorn or possibly Caughlin ranch?

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I’m guessing arrow creek

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

This a 1000 times. Like I said, in another comment they do let you get a day off if you're sick or there is some reason for you not to be there, but calling them to say you're overwhelmed today and can't come you will raise some eyebrows, and this is sadly true for the majority of places and jobs.

and about loving what you do thing, I think "boring" is not enough reason to quit a job, but "stressful" IS the reason to quit. money and everything good about it won't matter when you find your health degrading because of your job.

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About the stress and boredom, I would say that’s very subjective. I work in a extremely high stress position and I love my job. On top of that, I haven’t had a slow day in the five years that I’ve been there. My previous job was way lower stress, and I was often bored to tears. I hated my previous job, but love my current job. The high stress is part of what I love. But I handle stress well. I am good at not bringing it home. It motivates me. However, I know it’s not the same for most people. What it boils down to is I found a job that fits me well.

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

so boredom was stressing you out , and stress was giving you the push you needed. that's interesting but I guess you're right, it's all about finding something that fits.

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Boredom wasn’t stressing me as much as wearing me down. I’d go home exhausted and unfulfilled. I needed more.

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I looked at milestone. It’s aight. We talked with a. Lot of other people who had experience and found many of them were upgrading to Genetec. It’s a big step up. We got them with axis and Sony cameras and I am extremely happy. We had a vendor do the install and pay them for support. I can’t imagine trying to learn it so that I don’t have to pay a vendor. It would be like trying to learn web development so I don’t have to pay someone to make my website.

It makes me sad to know that I'll never experience sushi this amazing.

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Why not? If it’s something you think you would truly love, make it a goal. I had the goal of drinking really nice scotch under the direction of an expert. Unexpectedly on a business trip this summer, the opportunity finally presented itself. It was expensive, but my wife knew it was important to me so I didn’t have to worry about an argument over it. It was a great night. If I had closed myself off to the possibilities before the opportunity even presented itself,I don’t think I would have taken the opportunity. I’d have been concerned about how my wife would react to the expense, perhaps thinking it was a waste of money. I may have even told myself it wasn’t worth it. I may not have even been looking close enough to see the opportunity in the first place.

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You should do this for general good will, kharma etc. Not because you should do their jobs for them...Speaking as someone who did that task for a while, going outside instead of bagging crap inside/dealing with customers was the best thing that could happen on a shift. Results may vary.

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When the weather is nice, maybe. We have lots of snow and cold in the winters, and hundred degree summers. The times when it’s enjoyable to work outside are relatively short.

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If your kid gets as good at escaping as mine did you should look into the “sleep sack” swaddles you zip them up and then it Velcro’s around them. It’s extremely easy to put back on when you’re half asleep at two AM.

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My kids all managed to even escape from the sleep sack. We had to use a second receiving blanket folded into a long strip. We would lay it under him perpendicular to his body, wrap it around his arms and tuck back under his body. Then swaddle over the top of that. It worked like a charm.

They have the hardest heads. Whenever we have a new guest, I have to explain why you never lean over their ears. Nose smash.

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Yeah. Sometimes I describe Dolores as a one of those flailing tube men with a bowling ball for a head.

That's so precious.

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Well, it was. He came to my bed crying last night. He was sleeping next to the dog. The bumped heads. After he calmed down and fell asleep I carried him to his room and put him to bed. This morning he woke up and came to me with fried blood all over his face. Turns out the dog split his skin open above his eye. It was a bit shocking to see, but it’s a very small cut so it’s no big deal, but probably no more sharing a pillow with the doggy from now on.

Rescue Dobermans are the best pain in the ass you will ever have! So adorable :)

I have never really felt he need to. That is, no more than if I had worked long hard hours doing something else. Maybe I’m tired and I need a beer, a shower, and some sleep. I think a big part of it is my attitude toward my job, so that o don’t stress to much in critical situations. I mean, I can only do what I can do. They hired me for my skillset, and I exceed that by constantly learning more and getting better at what I do. So when the shit hits the fan, I work hard at it like I do any other day. The business impact of the outage is not under my control. I am only capable of what I am capable of. If the company needs better performance, that’s on them for not hiring my position at a higher skill level and higher pay. Instead they hired me for my particular skillset, so that’s what they get. I can’t provide anything more than what my skillset is at that time, which is already higher than what they hired me at. It’s not reasonable to expect more than that. I am what I am and I’ll do the best I can every day, whether things are hitting the fan or things are running smoothly.

Yes, most accredited agencies teach that one should stay behind cover until the unknown is known. I’m sure this video will be shown in many police academies now.

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I am not exactly qualified to answer because I’m not a cop, but I do work at a police department. Our department trains them to stay covered, especially if you don’t have backup. This cop probably got hit in the vest as well, but the arm is what made a ton of blood. He could have a broken rib as well, if the officer doesn’t have extra plates in his vest.

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My bank does this. So frustrating... I mean, if there's any password that I want to be as secure as possible, the one protecting access to my money would be it.

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Try logging in with all lowercase. I’ve read that three out of five major banks don’t check case when logging in, even though they require upper and lower case while creating your password. I know my bank doesn’t check case.

If they are doing that, the password is stored in plain text. You need to name and shame them. And change banks.

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They have been named and shamed. I initially called directly to complain about it and they gave some excused about their terms and conditions. I started doing research and found that it’s pretty well documented and discussed in the security community.

I’m not naming my bank here, but I am searching for a better bank right now. Once I choose who I go with, I’m going to ask the banker to try logging in with all lowercase before I sign anything.

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That hand has been underwater WAY too long

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