Tim Hortons franchise owners tell workers to blame Wynne for benefit cuts and to 'not vote Liberal' by _marc_ in canada

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I don't understand this "all or nothing" attitude. There are places where people shouldn't be spouting off politics, and there are places where people should. It can be rude and invasive, more specifically, an invasion of privacy to some. Asking Clara why she votes a certain way is no different than asking her about the horrid, pungent odor emanating from her agape vagina.

Ceasefire agreement by AMDonline in LivestreamFail

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Twitch steams in 16:9, but he plays at 21:9. Nothing is cut off, it is just scaled so there aren't black bars.

Hijab attack on girl was a hoax - Canada by becauseits2018 in worldnews

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What? He mentioned it because he was asked about it by someone at a town hall meeting, where anyone can ask the PM questions. This is the problem with Reddit, people just speak out of their ass without knowing anything about it and get upvoted.

Pewdiepie slips up again by cleganal in LivestreamFail

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He is saying "another" before racist and Swedish. It's clearly a joke.

Nuka Cola Bong for your journeys in the wasteland by fernandito_chiquito in Fallout

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I understood the point fine, but I don't think you understood mine. Just because the smoker is a hypocrite doesn't mean that he was wrong. Inhaling metal particulate at red-hot, or even white-hot, temperatures is infinitely worse than filtered tobacco smoke. People are willing to ignore the science or truth behind what the smoker was saying because you're too busy passing judgement on him. Makes zero sense,

What skills can a poor 19 y/o learn to help make an income and get further in life? by PM_ME_UR_REDHEAD in AskReddit

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Why be a welder when you can just inspect welds for the same money? NDT (non-destructive testing) is where it is at. In Canada, you start at $20/hr, and work your way up to $50/hr after a couple years and certs. You get to travel far and wide to inspect welds on remote pipelines and whatnot, or you can work in a lab and inspect aircraft or automotive parts. Every welder I know swapped to NDT, less of a labour grind for more money. I was talking to a visual inspector that pulled in $10k in one week on a shutdown out in Canada's oil sands, and it's not rare to find those who pull in $250k+ in a relatively bad year. I work with a guy that is paid 12 hours of double time every day, only to inspect for 1hr.

The misses reaction when going down on me after a bottle of wine. by stumpybubba in reactiongifs

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Seriously, I need to find out 50% of the reason why they're loving whatever is happening. It's pretty clear what the other 50% is tho.

MRW I hear that Trump and Bannon are fighting by bjacks12 in reactiongifs

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That is putting too much faith in Reddit, which is, after all, just social media. It's a website with attracted demographics where you can share things with other people, and thru the nature of the platform, sometimes those things are news articles. If you want middle of the road news, we're still at a point where you will need to rely on news organizations to be neutral, and it's incredibly easy to spot the ones that aren't. After all, it is still up to the previously mentioned demographic to "curate" that material and decide what is worthy of "news."

Donald Trump aides think he may have learning disabilities, dementia or can't read, author of expose says by cogit4se in politics

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In the book, in the same line this out-of-context title was taken, the author says it's likely that he just feels that he doesn't have to read. He can pay someone else to do it for him.

Wynne: Pick a fight with me Mr. Joyce, not those working the Tim Hortons pickup window by DJSwany in ontario

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Maybe I'm missing something, but didn't Tim Horton's say this wasn't their decision, it was the franchisee? I don't think shareholders have anything to do with it.

Why I don't watch anime in public by Donut_2_Ninja in videos

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Many may doubt the likelihood that anyone would be brought up on genuine charges for fictional materials, however it has already occurred at least once in the United States. When I reached out to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for clarification on the legal status of simulated child pornography, which they confirmed is illegal in the US, they could not inform me of the number of times individuals have been charged with this particular offense


Why I don't watch anime in public by Donut_2_Ninja in videos

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Yea, it definitely depicts minors in sexual situations, and is therefore illegal. Someone posted an article a few months back stating that teens in the US have actually been charged and labelled sex offenders for it.


Edit: I didn't realize how defensive Reddit gets about this.. "stuff"

Tim Hortons NEEDS to put back their drive thru bins. by EvesyE in canada

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It was because people were throwing out whatever garbage they had in their cars, not just coffee cups.

Donald Trump becomes the first president in 40 years not to visit Canada in his first year by madazzahatter in politics

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They're not dodging a draft, they're dodging deployment. It's common, but since they are not at risk of being killed upon return, Canada usually sends them back to the US.


lovely family by RuebenHammonds in gifs

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♪ Reunited, and it feeeels so goooood ♪

The difference between the vive and the oculus rift by LongWangTheDragon in LivestreamFail

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Tracking is spot on, but the display isn't quite there yet. There are a lot of issues they need to work on, especially with lenses, to help with issues inherent to the tech. Aside from those technical limitations, more work needs to be done with vergence-accommodation conflicts.

The difference between the vive and the oculus rift by LongWangTheDragon in LivestreamFail

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As an owner of both, don't buy either. Save your money for next iteration.