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20,000 8GB AMD RX580. I think I’ll flood the market to help give a small relief over the current bullshit GPU pricing.

I gave mine to my gf when I got my S3, the 42mm looks so ridiculous on her tiny wrist.

-23 points · 3 months ago

They should have stayed in school and reviewed their civics lessons.

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What would that accomplish for the problem at hand?

If only you didn’t give it away in the title.

This is why I give them $ for Nitro.

For fuck’s sake don’t give it away in the title, OP. It ruins the purpose of the sub.

The original without the shitty tag at the bottom would be nice.

I got banned too. Sadly, they didn't buy my argument that my computer had actually been hacked by lizard child-rapists working out of a pizza shop.

Go figure.

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I was banned from t_d for an incredibly minor offense (stating a differing opinion). Quite the bunch of snowflakes.

Disclaimer: searching “kitani” on eBay gets some NSFW results.

Here you go!

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You da real mvp. It was infinitely better.

Why OP can’t just post this instead of a ripped gif I’ll never know.

102 points · 3 months ago

I recently got TF2 and tbh I prefer the first one, it felt more open and balanced, and the titans had more longevity (and for some reason it was easy for me to get nuclear core kills, too).

I believe you can do this at UWM’s facility but it may also require a membership if you aren’t a student just to get in.

As a Wisconsinite I actually can’t find any articles right now about the Wisconsin factory closing, nor did I see it blow up in the local news like I’d expect it to.

The safety of sick vulnerable children comes first. He has a history of being sexually involved with children. The hospital doesn’t want to risk it.

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Read the above comment. It was a fringe situation.

As someone who hasn't played Eve for almost a decade, who is Noobman and why is this significant?

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Why the downvotes for a valid question? I was wondering the same.

Winning eve = quitting

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This is the explanation I’ve been scrolling for.

If you're looking for more intense jazz:

  • Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
  • Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come
  • Eric Dolphy - Out There
  • John Coltrane - Ascension
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Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch

Opened in 1901, that's 117 years ago, wow! 🚟

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And still running today!


I’m not sure what makes this the most unsatisfying, how much this has been reposted all over or the bad apostrophe in the title.

What do you mean?

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You can 1-shot someone at point-blank range with the RPG and not get hurt by it.

6 points · 3 months ago

Rpg does self damage, I've been downed many times in RPanicG warefare.

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That's super weird, I've had battles where I was killed at the attacker had no damage.

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828 points · 3 months agoGilded1 · edited 3 months ago

I love this sub.

Edit: The gold was definitely /r/Unexpected , thank you so much!

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Just wait to see all the posts where they give it away in the title.

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