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onionnion commented on a post in r/Trumpgret
Agilofing 29 points

I got banned too. Sadly, they didn't buy my argument that my computer had actually been hacked by lizard child-rapists working out of a pizza shop.

Go figure.

onionnion 14 points

I was banned from t_d for an incredibly minor offense (stating a differing opinion). Quite the bunch of snowflakes.

onionnion commented on a post in r/wisconsin
Bathbodyworks 11 points

The safety of sick vulnerable children comes first. He has a history of being sexually involved with children. The hospital doesn’t want to risk it.

onionnion -7 points

Read the above comment. It was a fringe situation.

onionnion commented on a post in r/Eve
Wolfmilf -7 points

As someone who hasn't played Eve for almost a decade, who is Noobman and why is this significant?

onionnion 5 points

Why the downvotes for a valid question? I was wondering the same.

Fuzzmiester 13 points

Winning eve = quitting

onionnion 1 point

This is the explanation I’ve been scrolling for.

onionnion commented on a post in r/HitBoxPorn
MikeyMikeDee 2 points

What do you mean?

onionnion -4 points

You can 1-shot someone at point-blank range with the RPG and not get hurt by it.

GuySi 5 points

Rpg does self damage, I've been downed many times in RPanicG warefare.

onionnion -2 points

That's super weird, I've had battles where I was killed at the attacker had no damage.

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