Just started studying for the CCENT(no prior experience) and I find Odom's book to be extremely dull by jag_N in ccna

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It is pricey hence why I say at least check out their free videos, and they also have a free trial. Udemy has good options like Chris Bryant. I’m also personally not a fan of Pluralsight’s content.

Jenny by 69Banjo420 in ImGoingToHellForThis

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The real crime here worthy of being sent to hell is posting such an ancient image with oblivious lack of cropping.

Lazy OP is lazy.

Just started studying for the CCENT(no prior experience) and I find Odom's book to be extremely dull by jag_N in ccna

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That is the downside of Odom, he gives you tons of good information, but he makes it very dull and hard to stay awake, often taking multiple paragraphs to explain what could be said in one paragraph.

If you're having trouble finding inspiration, start with CBTNuggets' videos as they make it very fun and engaging (they have some free on YouTube); their only downfall is they don't go nearly in depth as much as they could into topics, leaving a lot for you to figure out on your own.

Chris Bryant's course on Udemy is also good and highly-rated, though he's not as or exciting engaging as CBT, but he gives a lot of great information. I find him better once you have more experience and have an idea of what you're doing though as he's not as "beginner-friendly", but this makes his CCNP course, if you get to that point, among the best out there by far.

How to play the objective on Hollywood. by Tattrie15 in Overwatch

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This sums up my experience when I got the game for PS4 to play with more friends.

Switch Emulator announced. Made by members of Citra(3DS emu) team. by Digitaldude555 in pcgaming

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For me it was the terrible memory which was proprietary and stupid-overpriced. This killed my interest in my own system.

Look at this bad quality...wait whaaaaaaaaaaat by NiklasOpp in Unexpected

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The point of this sub is for the unexpected, why would you spoil it in the title?

Notifications by offshootuk in gifs

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Yup. Top of that sub already.

FINALLY passed ICND2 today, 874/811, MEOW! by onionnion in ccna

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Yes I do recommend his course for those on a budget. Note however that everything on Udemy is always on sale, it's just how they get people to buy more courses, much like many retail and online stores. I also enjoyed and used Chris Bryant's course, and his CCNP content is good, too.

He includes many premade Packet Tracer and GNS3 lab files that are super helpful. The only thing I don't think he covered nearly as well as he could have was SNMP v3 and SPAN, but both of those are easy to look up how to use anyway.

Personally though, I'd recommend starting on CBTNugget's course to start, just because of how interesting they make everything sound as well as how easy they make even the complicated subjects sound. Unfortunately, their weakness is they don't go nearly in depth into topics as they could.

When you feel ready for your ICND1 exam, memorize a subnetting chart that you can quickly and easily write down at the start of your exam, you'll need it. Boson is also great for gauging whether you're ready since it's harder than the real thing.

Redditor explains why the context of Trump's "shithole" comments is even more racist than it appears by RabbitSmiles in bestof

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It was deleted, anyone have a copy?

Edit: It's back now. It was falsely removed by an automod and was just reinstated.

Passed ICND2 this morning by JJ_Rodriguez in ccna

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Sounds about right with my ICND1 experience haha.

Will IPV6 be used instead of IPV4 for LAN? by hordecore80 in ccna

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To add to this answer, the benefit with IPv6 subnetting is you'll never, ever have to worry about subnet size ever again as we still sometimes have to with IPv4, assuming you're using IPv6 right.

Passed ICND2 this morning by JJ_Rodriguez in ccna

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I'm taking my ICND2 tomorrow afternoon. What advice can you give based on your experience with it?

tweet to Elon Musk, to the moon? by b0nu5sh1be in dogecoin

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Your link is slightly broken with two https at the start.