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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/hockey
searchfornirvana 10 points

Combine an ex-Leaf, a backup goalie, and a random rookie and you have the perfect recipe for a Leafs home loss

searchfornirvana 1 point

Matthews Willy and Rielly for OT pls Babs

__Dave_ 2 points

I don’t understand Polak. He moves like molasses 99% of the time and then one play every couple of games he’ll fly like a god damn rocket.

searchfornirvana 3 points

He actually has decent north-south speed, but outside of that his skating is pretty terrible

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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/politics
searchfornirvana 6 points

I hate Donald Trump, I think he's a racist oligarch, but I hate hate hate it when people compare him to Hitler or Stalin. Trump is an asshole and must be impeached, but he is not a fanatical ideological extremist. Steve Bannon on the other hand...

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/starterpacks
PCisButter 8 points

They were all removed because the mods all went rogue but the alpha male prevailed and purged the sub and all of its sins.

searchfornirvana -5 points

Why does this sound so epic

searchfornirvana 304 points

Needs a Gucci belt but aside from that bang on

rorschachsdiary 2 points

Ugh, they had a little blurb of this movie on The History of Film, it looks terrifying.

searchfornirvana 1 point

It's an uncompromisingly bleak movie. It's really hard to distance yourself as a viewer because in the back of your head, you know that this stuff actually happened. But it's brilliant.

TeeNguyen 2 points

I love every part of the ending: the confrontation of betrayal and ideological adherence, and then when the boy fires his rifle for the first time.

searchfornirvana 2 points

Yeah. That whole ending sequence, especially when the Mozart starts playing as the partisans go into the forest, is amazing cinema.

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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/fantasyhockey
BestEbolaNA 1 point

muzzin > krug? looking to pick him up

searchfornirvana 1 point

If Krug's icetime keeps plummeting (wtf Boston) then probably yeah

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/movies
lacourseauxetoiles 146 points

I'm surprised that Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill didn't have anywhere near the same amount of success after Star Wars that Harrison Ford did.

searchfornirvana 64 points

Fun fact, Mark Hamill was almost cast as the lead in Amadeus (1984) but Milos Forman decided he didn't want audiences watching Luke Skywalker play Mozart.

Chbrmn1234 45 points

Probably a good call. Tom Hulce was pretty perfect in the role

searchfornirvana 19 points

Yeah. Honestly if I were to recommend a film based on the performance of its two lead actors, Amadeus would be near the top of the list. He and Abraham are a treat to watch

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/politics
ubnthrowaway 2,609 points

Actually, all I need is "n****r", and I get to call bingo!

I might add, not from the USA, this shithole of "Leadership" is just astounding to watch.

edit: seriously expecting "n****r" on a live mic out of him before February.

edit 2: Gold? Please, save your money for food in case Trump tanks your economy mid-year... Thanks all the same...

edit 3: To all those telling me March for an OTA "n****r" - I'm sticking with with February. I already have money on Trump putting boots on the ground in Iran mid-March.

searchfornirvana 7 points

Pretty sure somebody claimed they had him on tape saying a bunch of racist shit, but for the life of me I can't recall who

ubnthrowaway 254 points

I get the feeling it will be an "historic" State of the Union for all the wrong reasons.

searchfornirvana 7 points

I mean for the purposes of schadenfreude entertainment it may turn out to be the greatest one ever

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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/worldnews
PermanentlyJetlagged 23 points

I'm not sure this is entirely the answer. Some of the most racist, classist, prejudiced people I know are very well educated. They know factual information about slavery or poverty or opression, but because they've never actually lived it they discount it. They only spend time with their other rich, well educated, mostly white friends and fail to understand the hardships that come with being born to the "wrong" race or gender, or in the "wrong" county. What is the solution for that? Force every citizen to join the Peace Corps?

searchfornirvana 3 points

It's more the methodology of the education system which needs to change. Critical thinking skills just aren't taught in schools and that is one of the biggest things which needs to change

ensignlee 87 points


I miss him SO MUCH. sob

searchfornirvana 81 points

It boggles my mind that the same media apparatus which launched a smear campaign against Obama being 'unpresidential' has remade itself into an all-purpose knob polisher for Trump.

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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/bodybuilding
sboyd1989 2 points

Another good indication of the guy being natural is the traps. They respond extremely well to testosterone so they normally get that bulky look in no time on the juice. This guy doesn't have that. I think that, yeah, he's just worked incredibly hard and has great genetics.

searchfornirvana 2 points

His delts don't have that Celltech look either.

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/bodybuilding
tryhardfreshman 99 points

It's funny how many people think you can just jab some magic juice into you're arse and with a poof of smoke bam! Your jacked!! People forgot all of the sacrifice and hours and hours of work in the gym and with the diet. People also assume because you're maybe bigger than an average gym goers that you must be taking everything under the sun lol I tell you now what I'm on 750mg test and 600mg Deca per week and that's it I don't take growth I don't take insulin and I'm not on any orals. I'd never advice anyone to take gear but everyone has there own choice but I would say this build a foundation first and look in to it properly get the right advice! If your fucking 17 18 and just starting out fucking don't dare go on it lol young lads think it's like an accessory now like hey I've just started the gym what cycle should I go on? People who encourage you lads to jump straight on gear need a slap and them trolls who just comment steroids also need a slap lol yea they obviously do help but if it was just steroids everyone who took them would be as strong as eddy hall or look like Arnold Right?? Lol and also putting #natty on everything so fuck if you are man and also so fuck if you're not who gives a shite do what you want but make sure if you do turn to the dark arts ;) ;) make sure 1 you have built the foundation with a good few years of solid training and 2 you done the research and have had a good long think about it

Besides giving away his stack I actually really like his message here. So many guys want to entirely circumvent exerting any effort towards learning how to train and eat properly before hopping on and assume the stack will do all the work. Then when that doesn't do wonders they assume they need something stronger.

searchfornirvana 27 points

Yeah, honestly this kind of transparency regarding use, even if it's not accurate down to the actual numbers, is much needed in the fitness world IMO.

primary-account 146 points

Dallas McCarver admitted to taking 1g test/week and his autopsy showed he was taking 10.

searchfornirvana 47 points

JFC, that is insane.

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/hockey
AverageCanadian 3 points

Rielly deserves to be crapped on. That's two games in a row where he's made a extremely bone headed move late in the game that cost the Leafs dearly.

searchfornirvana 7 points

Rielly was one of the only reasons the Leafs were in it that late to begin with

JimmaDaRustla -2 points

Does it matter when he costs the team two points?

searchfornirvana 1 point

If he keeps playing like this fuck the two points honestly

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searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/dankmemes
searchfornirvana 17 points

Ugandan Knuckles is gonna be 2018's Harambe

03Titanium 6 points

Harambe was shot into the lime light and adopted as a meme. I don’t think knuckles can achieve the same market share on dankness alone.

searchfornirvana 1 point

True, true. I was kind of underselling just how fcking massive Harambe memes actually were

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/todayilearned
searchfornirvana 13 points

My grandfather, who served in WW2, can't watch fireworks because the noise of them reminds him too strongly of artillery bombardment. He was part of the Allied force that crossed the Rhine in 1945 and said that the nighttime bombardment which preceded their crossing was literally brighter than daylight. I can't imagine what it must have sounded like.

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/cringepics
--ClownBaby-- 1,184 points

Tension in the air. She's playing with her hair. The moment feels right. Eye contact, you glance at each others lips, then back to the eyes. Small smile. She blushes a little. Hand on her hip. Little lip bite. Lean in just a little. She leans in too. Pull her in toward you, one hand on her hip the other on her lower back. Lips meet, soft at first. Heart begins to boil, pull her in tight while you kiss. Run your hand gently across her cheek and ear. Cushion the back of her head and push her against the wall. Kissing deeply. Hearts overflowing. Lay her on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur.

That's how you grab her head/neck

searchfornirvana 3 points

This guy fucks

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/politics
navicularius 2 points

It’s like Nixon’s Madman Theory but like a billion times worse.

searchfornirvana 3 points

It's like Nixon's Madman Theory but the guy in charge is actually a raging case of narcissistic personality disorder

searchfornirvana commented on a post in r/hockey
searchfornirvana 6 points

Good game CBJ but of course the fucking Leafs blew a lead

MoRiellyMoProblems 8 points

After tonight, Leafs are 15-1-1 when leading after the 2nd period.

searchfornirvana 5 points

Good point, they've been pretty good at protecting leads this year. I've been conditioned to associate the Leafs with blowing leads

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