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Running Viber on Linux Mint 18 and was having the same issue with Viber freezing on start up. Blocking in hosts worked. Thank you Kitarist for your post. added to /etc/host

Use a paintball gun out the window. Pop them a few times at 50m.

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This is my cousins daughter, she sleep walks occasionally. This time she went to the piano and played this. She ended up going back to her bed on her own. The next morning could not remember anything about it.

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Looks like they missed the spot by around 100 yards.

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That X in the snow could be a make shift runway for a supply plane. Those lines radiating out would give the captain a reference for altitude as he approaches, due to white out conditions of all white background.

Hospitals are just businesses buying stuff cheep and selling high too, check out their dumpsters. hey maybe they could do a donation swap with Gamestop.

no one thinks to put the manhole covers back over the holes.

editing sucks, I wanted to see the mercury settle... but editor cuts away each time. boo

Up voted to hell and back.

Was a little disappointed to see a small gap, only to have my mind blown at its function

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oh darn they made a mistake, oh oh oh look at that, no they didn't.

I had some annoying Hare Krishna neighbours who constantly sang and banged their bongos all night, so one evening I cranked this up at them... they got the message. Perfect nastiness with a good thumping base line... (wait for the ending)

its "e" bola

My teacher did that when I was 11. He then explained the trick... he left a faint out line with a pencil the night before which he could see up close and trace the next day.

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How the fuck was this accepted? Didn't anyone question it?

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I questioned it... Ministry of social development does not deal with names changes in NZ. The department of internal affairs does. Note they have strict laws which disallow strange or long names in NZ.

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