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synapticjuice commented on a post in r/pics
Sozae33 3 points

Looks like they missed the spot by around 100 yards.

synapticjuice 1 point

That X in the snow could be a make shift runway for a supply plane. Those lines radiating out would give the captain a reference for altitude as he approaches, due to white out conditions of all white background.

synapticjuice commented on a post in r/JusticePorn
synapticjuice 11 points

I had some annoying Hare Krishna neighbours who constantly sang and banged their bongos all night, so one evening I cranked this up at them... they got the message. Perfect nastiness with a good thumping base line... (wait for the ending)

synapticjuice commented on a post in r/pics
KyraChey 985 points

How the fuck was this accepted? Didn't anyone question it?

synapticjuice 27 points

I questioned it... Ministry of social development does not deal with names changes in NZ. The department of internal affairs does. Note they have strict laws which disallow strange or long names in NZ.

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