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You guys have to pay for memes though with net neutrality thrown out.

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Not fool proof but just “right-click” the document to bring up the menu. Then hover over the “open with” option. Then choose “Word”.

Edit: homophone

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fool proof

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Nah gamecube is a trademarked word and it's not marked here, gotta take it down.

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Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. If you want a card now then you have to make your decision with the information that's available now.

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I feel like it's a spooky situation, used 1080ti's are super "cheap" here right now due to the new 2080's being released tomorrow, and that the reviews are actually ok from many mainstream channels like linus.

Waiting feels like it might be a bad idea.

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Where can I get these cheap used 1080ti's?

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Relatively cheap. Hense the quotation marks.

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There was an episode of My Cat From Hell that showed a cat who would turn burners on on the stove.

Edit: LOL cat not car

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Hey my cat would do that in our apartment!

Ok I have to ask because I've been teetering the edge since it was released. I've been following the new Spider-Man game since it was announced, and it's had me super excited, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger on since the release because I've been burned too many times by Spider-Man games in recent years. Spider-Man 2 was so good and nothing has been able to recapture the magic that was that game. Is the new Spider-Man as good as this post implies or is it an unfortunate dose of sarcasm?

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Ok so I think maybe I'm the only person on the planet who think this game has flaws, so if you want some criticism to go along with the praise here's my two cents.

Keep in mind that you might not experience things as I have.

My main problem with the game is that the game feels very cinematic, as in you have to learn to do what the game wants instead of the game doing what you want. It's filled with unskippable cut scenes and qte's and your web swinging gets corrected so you never do anything "wrong".

The game wants to be beautiful at all times and it is, but at the cost of freedom.

In my opinion the upgrades are lackluster, I wasn't exited about any of the skills or suit abilities or gadgets. But again no one seems to agree with me here so take it with a grain of salt.

Other than that the story is great and the animations are awesome. If you like Batman Arkham assylum you will probably like this.

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Then it's cool!

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Yep, that and bring peace and freedom by destroying absolutely everything.

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Just cause 3 as iron man would be perfect

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LMAO those follow up screenshots on animal prison nobody leaves 😂

Modems/routers. A lot of times the cheap ones can't keep up with your internet speed, so you lose so much

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I mean to my surprise it's actually a really bad idea to overspend on router too as router/ap's are not very good routers and often too pricey for what they do as ap, so it's better to buy a good router without ap like a mikrotik or edgerouter and an ap from Ubiquiti

What's a good one that wont break the bank?

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5 points · 10 days ago

you should take a look at /r/HomeNetworking.

I was going to buy one of those ufo looking routers (tp-link c3200) but that's actually a bad idea as they are not very good routers and barely good access points.

go for a Edgerouter-X or MikroTik RouterBOARD RB750Gr3 for the router and a Ubiquiti with 5g (AC standard)

Who called you an american weeb?

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-19 points · 11 days ago

Hmm maybe I'm reading the post in a different way than you. This is how i interpret it.

Like anime? (Japanese) weeb

Like marvel? American weeb

Like lego/h.c. andersen? Danish weeb

and so on, I think you interpret it as:

You’re American but like comedic action not completely unlike that found in anime? You’re an American web.


My comment is a counter to the top really in that I don't think one is a weeb merely for enjoying anime, one becomes a weeb when one becomes obsessed with anime and all attached (like Japanese culture)

Like, if I like ghibli studios I'm not a "weeb", so if I like marvel I'm not an "American weeb".

Thats not I interpret it as. The way I see it, its become normal to call whoever likes anime at all a weeb. I know thats not what a weeb is and im not saying that it is, but thats just how people see it now.

Now to your comment and the post. The post says that "people who are dc and marvel fans are american weebs". It didnt specify how much those people have to love marvel or dc to be called american weebs. Thats why I think you interpreted the post wrong.

I think people who are infatuated with dc or marvel to the point of it being part of their life, should be called american weebs. Just like normal weebs.

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3 points · 11 days ago

Yeah alright, I agree with you.

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Yeah I‘m not arguing that he kept the right distance, but what is the point of keeping a safe distance, if you won‘t brake anyway?

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You're right, both dash cam and stopper are idiots.

Obviously don't stop in the middle of a highway, but the truck has to be able to come to a full stop with no collision if the car in front stops for any reason.

But this subreddit honestly have a lot of that stuff, where both of the participants are being idiots and the sub tends to take the side of the fast/reckless driver.

Yep! It's a great book for teaching kids about Asperger's and autism. A little out of date due to Asperger's no longer being a thing under the most recent DSM, but other than that it's a great pick up for parents of an autistic child.

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Wait what? What's DSM?

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is this a window?

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It's a hole.


I was originally going to buy the c3200 or something similar but apparently that's trash ¯\(ツ)

so I read as much as i could here and I've ended up buying:

  • MikroTik RouterBOARD RB960PGS hEX - Router MikroTik RouterBOARD RB750Gr3


  • Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LITE 2.4/5GHz

I had a hard time finding any specific model recommended so I would appreciate if someone would tell me if I made a mistake (but also if i did gud).

what i have now:

icotera modem i5800 (absolute trash, cannot handle the current dhcp load which really isn't that big and needs to be restarted constantly)

Netgear WNR2000v5 as an ap upstairs, it covers 200+m2 over 3 floors

I've not really had much trouble in terms of wifi, though the two wifi's devices couldn't communicate, so if the phone was connected to one ap and the tv another the phone couldn't stream to the tv.

disabling icotera solved this problem at the cost of not the strongest wifi in the basement.

I don't spend that much time in the basement so I plan to move the netgear down there for wifi and the ubiquiti up where the netgear is now.


Things I noticed...

  • Don't:

    • Rename interfaces - comment them. Otherwise scripts (and help) will get screwy.
    • Don't enable every VPN server if you're not going to use them, such as PPTP or SSTP. If you used the check box on the QuickSet page, you'll need to manually disable those.
    • Set your default IP address to the eth2 interface. This needs to be moved to the lan bridge, while it will work now on the eth2, in the future it may not or could be buggy.
    • drop everything on chain input. You may want to add connection-state=new to that rule as you want things so that things you want get through, like vpn connections.

What is your IP on your eth1 / wan interface? 192.168.X.X or 10.X.X.X? or something else?

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Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago · edited 14 days ago

1) It's just running on the default, I haven't renamed the interfaces.

2) Same goes for the vpn, I just tried to run on default before going into details (adding pw tho of course)

3) do you address how to move the ip address to the lan interface in your tutorial?

4) again, if you address how to do this in the tutorial I will go through it a bit more thoroughly.


thanks for the help by the way :)

Btw, your wan address is still visible ;) You only covered the network.

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Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

lmao shit, I'm tired after a long day of work

fixed now.

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I wish I could control my feelings and stay motivated.

3.9k points · 16 days ago

They'd charge you extra and still use slave labor.

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Remove the d in "they'd".

So help me!

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30 points · 21 days ago

And stop!

thedbp commented on

Its not italian?

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2 points · 23 days ago

The faaan is too long. Also they look Norwegian not Italian.

They broke the 180 degree rule of film making

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r/hmmmPosted by

It’s called a road

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15 points · 28 days ago

[Rainbow a road theme intensifies]

29 points · 29 days ago

Old joke, that joke is almost as over played as uptown funk on the radio

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What year is it?!?

"A lack of planning on your end does not constitute an emergency on mine"

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I work with Italians and this really talks to me.

97 points · 1 month ago

Don't you mean да?

We found the spy! Unleash Бабушка!

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Боже мой


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