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My old roommate had 80k in loans, and 29k in interest/fees. It’s simply not worth it. Somehow he has a house and a new car. I’m not very financially responsible, but I definitely make my school loan payment before I eat for the month.

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ProtoNate 10 points

That's the idea. Buy them small, trade in at LFS when they grow out. Rinse and repeat.

This guy had been at the LFS for a while in a tiny acrylic cube, so I didn't feel too guilty about putting it into a 3' long tank with plenty of run out space and rock to graze on.

thedusanmandic 1 point

I see your point and you do have one, but you have to consider the water volume as well. Dwarf Angels create a lot of waste. When they make minimum tank suggestions, they are to accommodate adult fish. Flames are really susceptible to stress, you may want to look into Yellowtails/Pygmy/Flamebacks when you trade in.

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thedusanmandic 3 points

Esquina Cantina in Brentwood. The tacos are amazing, better than Mas Tacos. I wanted to verbally accost the girl who left a one-star review in their Facebook page.

sleepymonkey1013 8 points


thedusanmandic 2 points

Yes. Cacio E Pepe. Uhmazing.

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thedusanmandic 2 points

Sal’s in Brentwood is my favorite take-out. Not City House or Desanos, but better than 5 points.

altaltaltpornaccount 1 point

I haven't been there. Is it still his family running it or is that one of the ones he sold to the Russians?

thedusanmandic 1 point

No idea, TBH. They do make a good pie tho.

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shr3kgotad0nk 4 points

That and their affinity towards pizzas featuring mashed potatoes have really turned me away from their awesome taproom.

thedusanmandic 0 points

Look At These Sticks second only to BIBCO Ever Clever

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I’m not sure of your demo, but WT101 is probably too rough unless people regularly drink bourbon. I would definitely stick to something 80 proof as people are going to be mixing it predominantly. Think of all the half drank glasses at 11:30 at every wedding you’ve been to. Beam, Jack or the like. Maybe a case of rye for the trues.

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Shitty_Watercolour 4,149 points

I remember playing a game called rise of the robots, that took 16 floppy disks each time to install. and it was too big to keep so we had to reinstall it each time to play

thedusanmandic 1 point

Dude I have been trying to remember the name of this game forever

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thedusanmandic 1 point

If it’s under store warranty, usually 14 days, take it back. If it’s under manufacturer warranty, it’s going to be more of a question whether it’s worth getting it fixed or living with dead pixels.

Johnnybats330 1 point

I bought it off an ebay store in NJ. I live in California.

When playing it is not a big issue. But when it is a white or bright screen I noticed it. I don’t know if it is a dead pixel.

thedusanmandic 1 point

Pretty positive sure that’s what it is, not to be short again but you get what you pay for. TCL uses bottom of the barrel components.

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