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thedusanmandic commented on a post in r/appletv
adikk345 1 point

The problem is my internet speed is very fast and connection is fine, the main problem may be the distance between router and Apple TV but I don't think so it should takes that long to download a picture which is like 2-4mb :-( With this internet speed that I have I download everything from internet with speed 4-5mb per second :-(

thedusanmandic 1 point

I think you are exaggerating the upload/render time. 5s tops.

thedusanmandic commented on a post in r/nashville
Hubbardd 36 points

Titans have a trash coaching staff and it shows.

thedusanmandic -2 points

I dunno man. Nashville is the #1 small market city, and I think this run will open a lot of FA minds to come here in the off-season. Talent wise, they are 3-5 big name players away from a Super Bowl run.

Honest question: did anyone expect to be playing the patriots in the divisionals?

lovemaker69 10 points

What does #1 small market city even mean? We’ve gotten absolutely 0 National media attention prior to playing the patriots and even then it was 99% focused on the pats. Does #1 small market city just mean “come here to disappear”?

thedusanmandic 2 points

City with an NFL team that isn’t a major city that offer QOL off the field combined with actual teams’ potential. Sorry, definitely unclear.

thedusanmandic commented on a post in r/nashville
thedusanmandic 1 point

You just said the same thing again but in a diminutive manner, which is still I ncorrect. Discretionary income will increase when the users have reduced or mitigated cost to pay for fuel and vehicle maintenence. The tax increase on them is barely anything as opposed to the increase in benefit of not having those expenses.

NSH_IT_Nerd 0 points

First and foremost, this plan is going to take over 20 years. The tax increase comes BEFORE its constructed not after. People will not magically stop having cars the day taxes start. Your argument here is invalid.

Secondly, the idea that people will just stop having cars, in general, is ludicrous. It will be an extremely long time before other modes of transportation are feasible enough not to own your own vehicle in this part of the country. This is not NYC or Chicago - and even in those areas, there are significant numbers of people around those metro areas that DO own cars. Reason #2 your argument is invalid.

thedusanmandic 0 points

Reduced or mitigated use, although some users would chose to forfeit personal vehicle use. Valid.

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thedusanmandic commented on a post in r/appletv
thedusanmandic 2 points

It’s their server load & reliability of your connection. I have Comcast and it spikes sometimes. I found it’s easier to mitigate packet loss by selecting a different channel/feed if it’s available. I had that issue with BCS now games and watch the 22 or data feeds.

thedusanmandic commented on a post in r/appletv
rxt_ian 8 points

I’ve noticed the same issue with volume. It appears using the Apple remote for volume triggers the “switch to my hdmi” signal from the Apple TV. Turning off hdmi vex on the tv would probably fix but you’d loose things like the tv auto power.

Sorry I can’t help with the black screen issue.

thedusanmandic 4 points

Yeah, it’s hard to have CEC turned on for both devices. I’ve also noticed some ATV remote signals will wake the PS4 in sleep mode (or trigger CEC, not sure). I just turned them both off.

You might want to check your chroma settings concerning black screen.

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